British Performer imitating a Hindi Song

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The song is called Kehta he Pal Pal Tumse from an indian film. Major Saab is a 1998 Hindi film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Sonali Bendre and Ashish Vidhyarthi. Funny Parody

  1. Mother fucker racist Brit. Dare do this in india and u'll surely be dead
  2. Lol I Live in india and I have seen bollywood movies and this song was sung by uditya narayan and and I can say that this guy imitated bollywood songs pretty well and you know most indians enjoy this type of love shit where a girl sings around guy and that is very hilarious and but for me I found it very fucking boring and ridicules I think I am the only brown guy who hates bollywood and loves hollywood
  3. Indian are the most awkward and weird people 
  4. I'm offensive and I find this Indian
  5. Guys we used to have songs like that. But again those are over-exaggerated expressions. Being an indian I find nothing offensive in the video, infact he is hilarious. Please come out of the notion that All Indian films are like that. NO! We have some brilliant or as you say 'logical' movies too. Moreover, songs are an integral part of Indian Cinema. Thats how our culture is, celebrating each emotion. lol. In a way I think we have proved to the world what logical and brilliant Indian minds can do. So we take a break for our intelligence, by doing such songs and Movies. I rest my case.
  6. How Western people see hindi songs :). :D
  7. madarjaat.....gane ka pura ma-bahen ek kar diya acting karke.........
  8. This guy ruined such a romantic song lol. Dw this american is a joke!!
  9. Jade goody died after watching this video :). Not becoz of cancer. She did not find anything closely resembling when she was with Shilpa Shetty in the big brother show. 
  10. So much hate. Have a chill moment and laugh, ya brown folks! (P.S.: I'm Indian and I find this frigging hilarious!) :P
  11. i found many indian people find this offensive.. bhai try to play HIP-HOP in front of your father.. they react like this way only.. :D chill out bro he is making fun of bollywood song how we made fun of there song..
  12. lol thats funny but hollywood also is not less funny then bollywood...
  13. well, He is funny, it's not offensive, why would someone say it's offensive
  14. This guy has nailed this. Every move he does appears precise, including the typical voice over syncing.
  15. I am an indian.and nothing offensive about it.. It's just Cool..
  16. Lol I enjoyed it. come on guys have some humor in life. do u even know how hard it is for him to perform like this and make some money?.
  17. Wouldn't lie but this video did offend me a little. I didn't get amused at all by the stupid expressions he was making. I think the main objective was to make mockery out of the song and gain some laughs from the people at the expense of it! People should stop mocking Bollywood like that. This is a beautiful song and has a deep meaning and though behind it, and this guy is ruining it without even knowing the meaning! I wouldn't have minded if he just made funny faces in general, but the fact that he was making fun of the expressions of Bollywood actors in the beginning agitated me!
  18. Bollywood is ours ...Indian's.... Do you have one..... Numbers of scientists,doctors,engineers who graduates per year in India is more than from any other country. And you? An average Indian knows atleast 3 languages and 4 Skillful jobs ... What about a British? We haven't invaded any other nations in history , we have all the stuff here we needs... Do you have..? For 2015 world's 25% of working population will be Indians.... ??? D O N ' T. M I S S. U N D E R S T A N D A N I N D I A N
  19. Is this guy retarded? He is acting like the hero from a "C" grade movie. 
  20. good dancer
  21. What the hell is this .. This actually makes people to hate each other.. HEY you, who ever shared this ...You will be blamed for sharing this, more than the one who performed the act.. Guys.. go nice with each other..
  22. I' m German, ... not British! I said that Bollywood music and performance are strange and funny! But ... sorry. I like it very much!!! And by the way ... Indian female artists in the bollywood videos are very beautiful. Excuse me, my english is very bad. I prefere to speak French ... or - of course - German!
  23. Dear British Performer Do you even know the meaning of the lyrics of this song. It is deep, meaningful and powerful. It is a song of yearning. YOU have cheapened the meaning of this song. Shame on you.
  24. ridiculous imitation but the guy can sure act....
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