British Performer imitating a Hindi Song

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The song is called Kehta he Pal Pal Tumse from an indian film. Major Saab is a 1998 Hindi film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Sonali Bendre and Ashish Vidhyarthi. Funny Parody

  1. Indian are the most awkward and weird people 
  2. OMG hilarious :)
  3. Holy fuckin shit.What the fuck I'm watching? Cheap bollywood.
  4. I'm offensive and I find this Indian
  5. This comedian is certainly very talented and quite hilariously exaggerating the quality of this Bollywood song. However, given the rather recent history between Great Britain and India, it is not inconceivable that an Indian could find this offensive, even if this is not such a serious topic. Would there be a similar reaction had this gentleman mocked an African and/or African-American dance? Perhaps it is the nature of Bollywood and its unique quality that lends itself to this type of satire, or that Great Britain and India were so closely intertwined.
  6. This Guy Made me laugh like Hell......Real Funny......Indian Culture ki G@@nd maar li isney..
  7. The guy was actually pretty entertaining, but boy, was that laughter track condescending as hell.
  8. Fuck u basters I love my india
  9. he does such a great job..nice song..nice rhythm..Kehta Hai Pal Pal Tumse Ho Ke Dil Ye Deewana
  10. if we would imitate them tnen they would not spear us.......then why should we spear them.................
  11. how dare u can do like this stupid? mad fellow
  12. well done have a point...
  13. Why everyone has to fight over this ? I am an Indian too and I think it is an awesome performance!! Of course, that's not exactly how Bollywood songs are, but that's not the point.
  14. haha awesome
  15. hahahahahaha funny
  16. fuck off 
  17. :/
  18. Why this guy having this reaction on his face, Like Shat on His pant ... And Eating the Same
  19. put that hand in your ass after that you dance madarchod bahan ke laude teri ma ko kutta chode bhadue ki jaat madharchod india aa ja teri poori family ko bichhoo se chudwata hun
  20. its kinda ofensive but,,.. we aren't spoilsports !!! dat guy was funny(admited)
  21. Rofl man . nice imitation
  22. screw u asshole
  23. abe sale kabhi india me aana teri maa chod dalunga
  24. This video just proves that, retards are the same no matter u where in the world u are.
  25. Damn...!! this guy is Awesome!...Looked better than Shahrukh Khan ;)
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