British Performer imitating a Hindi Song

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The song is called Kehta he Pal Pal Tumse from an indian film. Major Saab is a 1998 Hindi film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Sonali Bendre and Ashish Vidhyarthi. Funny Parody

  1. FU)k Lowl!!!
  2. That was hilarious. haha
  3. Great European Multi Culti
  4. hahahhahahahahhahahhaha hahahhahahhaha ahahhahahah........omg he nailed it
  5. idiot british!!!!!!! he loock like a gay, indians are the best
  6. This is just awesome.....he has captured the vain mannerisms of Bollywood actors so perfectly...Hats Off!
  7. i think you do not understand hindi.......improve your skill 
  9. I'm Indian and this was hilarious!! Awesome
  10. that was funny as hell.. so his right palm hand is his GF? :P hehe
  11. Mother fucker just listen how it is song....fuck u..dont imitate mother fucker lowdakke bal........
  12. Everyone needs to chill, If I was doing a comedian's job, and I had to lip sync a Russian song, I would do it the same.
  13. M Indian and dat was dat
  14. hilarious!
  15. Hilarious.
  16. Whats the song name
  17. I don't know whats funny in it, beside that you look/act like a moron gay, you bitch
  18. Marvellous really man..!! 
  19. Justice to that dumb song with dumb music...!! When i was kid and whenever i heard that song... I had stomach ache...!!
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  21. Nailed it. I love this song.
  22. very nice
  23. awesome song...
  24. i dunno what song is he singing..totally a bad flop no.!
  25. being an Indian, he is obsolutely right on the money. He shows on the whole how hilarious it is when looked from different perspective, most bollywood songs. The lip synching and over-expression on the face, are perfect.