Canucks Stanley Cup Finals Song - Lazy Song Parody

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  1. well they still managed to make history in destroying their own city...
  2. The 2011 roster was probably my favourite 
  3. well this year they wont make it
  4. This video just upsets me, we had such a talented team but we blew the lead. We didn't need to change much, just 1 or 2 decent players and better coaching and we would've won. But now mike gillis is just ruining the team, he got rid of Mason Raymond, Cody Hodgson, Corey Schneider, Manny Malhotra and even ROBERTO LUONGO! They got rid of so many other good players and never got anyone good to replace them. And his draft picks were awful, they could've got so many people instead of Bo Horvat. They should've traded Roberto Luongo after the 2011-2012 season when they could've actually got something good out of him. They should've never traded Schneider, he could've been the starter. In my opinion I think the Canucks should fire mike gillis and get a new gm and start a minor rebuild and get back on track.
  5. they suck
  6. Only if the leafs made it this far!!!
  7. Hey OH YEA you just got respect from a montreal fan thats impressive
  8. Nice
  9. @Aaroha Sharma what???!!!
  11. this is looking like it could be this year ! and this song is still so much good fun - love it, thanks !!!
  12. this sucks
  13. you jinxed it!
  14. what a lame song, i'm happy they lost even more now
  15. GOod song and im a Chicago fan
  16. And someone how kesler is the assistant?
  17. wait who are the sedins again
  18. Test Google+
  19. should be called canucks stanley cup rioting
  20. ,wew... ellein mode...
  21. 김종국
  22. were*
  23. vvvvvvvvv lmfao cameron!
  24. Yeah the game seven didn't go so well in 94 or in 2011 gooo bbbrrrruuuiiiinnnssssss