Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. Slick Rick

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Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police/Evening News. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

  1. Still absolutely amazing after all this time... 
  2. he sounds like 50 cent.
  3. So lyrical so ....true... I cant believe I slept on this song for years... its sad that when you rap about politics and current issues you disappear im glad cham didnt rap about money hoes cars and clothes. Hip hop is dead my friends prosperity rappers killed it
  4. Did they seriously just censor "gun"?
  5. The tv presentator look like a monkey x)
  7. hahaha that new reporters face made me lagh :D
  8. This is the opposite of sellin out lol
  9. To this day a work of art!!! 😩👏💓
  10. white house is alway gonna be white but obamoas black!?man thats racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. He has been Calking it like NWA.... Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News ft. …:
  12. White millionaire looks like a chimp.... 
  13. Yo slick is the shit
  14. yeah fuck yeah 
  15. "shut up and pull them pants up" Amen to that, I hate swag!
  16. This man still makes dope music. Y'all gotta check him out. He a independent rapper now. But he will be back on top you guys wait!
  17. Much Love
  18. 7:07 LOL :D :D :D
  19. The journalist is Chamillionaire with a masks?
  20. ok so someone educate me...I get Slick Rick is the guy in the line up with the patch on his eye.....but who is the cop chasing Chamillionaire in the beginning?
  21. Boys just don't know how to understand! Chamillionaire is a artist. 
  22. он похаш из гта 5 френклин
  23. Old School
  24. this guy is so creative, a true genius!
  25. So much politic