Fiora Champion Spotlight

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League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Fiora, The Grand Duelist, with expert strategy and tactics provided by Riot Games. Click here to signup and play League of Legends:

  1. Her ult should not make her untargetable. That's theonly op thing about her imo
  2. Finally..Rework Q_Q
  3. So her ult is basically yi's q
  4. is she still good now?
  5. Wtf is that fiora build haha u get hyrsa first and u want attack speed runes attck damage and armour pen 
  6. Just did my first fiora game and wrecked face. My team surrendered when they got to our mid inhibitor turret but we had their bottom pushed to theirs too wtf and I was shitting on their team :( that like killed my mood to play
  7. riven or vel'koz wich one should i buy
  8. 0:20 TONS OF DAMAGE :D
  9. then dash onto his face 2:58
  10. She is getting a rework by Guinsoo main thing i would love to know is that. Will she be more popular with this rework Will these rework help her in team fight Will she be able to fight her counter more on in late game early mid ? Blade Walts will be renew more like a buff up and no cd Will other champions that she counters be more hard to lane ? like yasuo gp and others so her Q will be more like a skill and W E R more like a buff since its a rework add cc maybe ?
  11. LOL i just won agaist Nasus as Fiora :D. And Nasus stack was 3 when the game ended xD.
  12. I hate how everyone says she sucks. Just because a champion requires more skill to play than other champions, it doesn't make them shitty. Fiora is beat or be beaten champion. So if you use her correctly, you can win. If you don't, then you lose. Simple as that. She's somewhat like Vayne, except with more professional mechanics like Lee Sin.
  13. What will be her new rework ?
  14. Nerf her please.
  15. Aka Blind Pick/Bronze, Silver Destroyer. Pretty much useless in ranked.
  16. It's pronounced "Ripoast" x.x (i fence)
  17. lol her ulti is a rip off from Juggernaut in dota :D
  18. 5:30 Look at the kill feed.
  19. Female master yi
  20. A looot of people underestimate JG fiora. trust me, focus on lifesteal dmg and attack speed and you will destroy them when you fully understand her strengths 
  21. Eh.... She seems kinda hard to use... any other tips that any of you guys have about her abilities? Like how to use the most out of her ult?
  22. Why does everyone hate Fiora!? She is my main, and I find her amazing! Her insane damage can destroy people in 1 v 1s and ganks usually fail due to her Q and E. Her ult is just amazing, applying on-hit effects, her passive (which does get better late game, especially with a boost from Blade of the Ruined King) and making her untargetable, which is perfect, because when youre almost dead, and the enemy is almost dead too, the ult will just clean them up easily. Her W is very useful too, though it requires a bit more skill to pull off right, but its still great. She can DESTROY minion waves and camps during mid game, and as soon as you get a Tiamat/Ravenous Hydra. farming will be a breeze. I have destroyed a turret on full health with no minions just by using my E. I have also solo-baroned with her E and W. She can obliterate the enemy team if played correctly and because of that, she is my favourite champ. I could even say that I am happy that she is underrated, as I can play her more, and counter some other champs!
  23. summary of 6 min vid. just press R.
  24. Yasuo's sister? 
  25. OP