Fiora Champion Spotlight

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League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Fiora, The Grand Duelist, with expert strategy and tactics provided by Riot Games. Click here to signup and play League of Legends:

  1. Any tips on how to counter her? I thought of going Malphite top and then switched it at the last second to go Xin, I'm new, so don't expect me to know everything. I went 0/2 with 26 cs at 10. It was a nightmare. Probably my worst Xin Game ever. I hate this champ, Riot, fix this, please.
  2. Finally..Rework Q_Q
  3. She is getting a rework by Guinsoo main thing i would love to know is that. Will she be more popular with this rework Will these rework help her in team fight Will she be able to fight her counter more on in late game early mid ? Blade Walts will be renew more like a buff up and no cd Will other champions that she counters be more hard to lane ? like yasuo gp and others so her Q will be more like a skill and W E R more like a buff since its a rework add cc maybe ?
  4. So her ult is basically yi's q
  5. is she still good now?
  6. Honestly fiora is a pretty op champ ( for noobs ). but if your comparing jax to her hands down, no shit jax is the winner at lvl 18 a full build fiora has nothing compered to a full build jax just make sure u stun her and then use your second for damage then that fiora will think twice before 1 v 1 your ass . btw diamoond 2 almost ranking up :P
  7. Female master yi
  8. riven or vel'koz wich one should i buy
  9. she's op
  10. Master yi 2.0
  11. op.
  12. On the forums someone named Xa3k had some ideas for a Fiora rework that I really liked. Not quoting him exactly and I'm adding in and leaving out some things, but here it goes. Duelist now gives Fiora bonus lifesteal temporarily when she damages an enemy. The bonus stacks up to a cap if she attacks a champion and half of that cap if she attacks a neutral monster. This way she can't just poke and run away to heal, she has to actually fight for a little bit to gain an advantage. Lunge is now a linear skill shot that does damage to all enemies she passes through (reduced damage to minions). If she hits an enemy champion she stops. For a few seconds afterwards she can use this ability again at 0 cost and she wont stop if she hits an enemy champion. Riposte still gives her passive attack damage, and still blocks auto attacks but no longer does damage back. Instead she marks the champion, large minion or neutral monster whose attack she parried as predictable for a little while. Fiora takes slightly reduced damage from predictable enemies. Burst of speed still gives bonus attack speed and movement speed on hit, but the movement speed buff is slightky weaker. At any time during burst of speed Fiora can reactivate it a second time to sacrifice all of her current movement speed stacks to cause her next lunge within a moderate time frame to slow if she hits an enemy champion. The slow's duration increases based on how many stacks were sacrificed. With good timing, Fiora can slow up to three enemy champions if she hits them with her second lunge. So if she has three stacks of burst of speed, the first enemy hit with her second lunge will take the full duration, the second will be slowed as if she only had 2 stacks and the third as if she only had one stack. If she had two she would apply a two stack slow to the first champion hit with her second lunge and a one stack slow to the second enemy hit. With one stack she would only apply the one stack slow to the first enemy champion hit. For the remainder of burst of speed she can't gain any more movement speed stacks. Her ultimate remains unchanged. Not all my ideas, I just tweaked Xa3k's. Pretty sure this won't happen though.
  13. 0:20 TONS OF DAMAGE :D
  14. Its ripooooooooste [riˈpōst] Not Ripahste!
  15. She is stupid op faceroll. When people are picking her I always loose because of her gay ult. C'mon - she dashes to the carry, ults him and it's gg. I hate fucking gay champions like her , trynda, gaysuo, rengar, darius, xin and ww... Very faceroll such unskilled...
  16. Her ult should not make her untargetable. That's theonly op thing about her imo
  17. how to win. Press R
  18. Fiora is my life, you will all die if ever going against me with her lol
  19. then dash onto his face 2:58
  20. Should I get Fiora, Corki, Miss Fortune, Irelia, or the upcoming support Braum?
  21. LOL i just won agaist Nasus as Fiora :D. And Nasus stack was 3 when the game ended xD.
  22. Worse than master Yi.
  23. I hate how everyone says she sucks. Just because a champion requires more skill to play than other champions, it doesn't make them shitty. Fiora is beat or be beaten champion. So if you use her correctly, you can win. If you don't, then you lose. Simple as that. She's somewhat like Vayne, except with more professional mechanics like Lee Sin.
  24. What will be her new rework ?
  25. use Q + W + ult + Q or W + Q + ult + Q always when you start a fight against 3 or more save ult to last when you fight 2 or 1 ult have a benefit that would steal a health W is necessary in fight starting a fight against a far away cham or ranged cham is E + Q + W + Q always remember that Fiora has advantage against any cham GL & HF