Fiora Champion Spotlight

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League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Fiora, The Grand Duelist, with expert strategy and tactics provided by Riot Games. Click here to signup and play League of Legends:

  1. Most op champion in Lol. Unkillable lady
  2. I hate how everyone says she sucks. Just because a champion requires more skill to play than other champions, it doesn't make them shitty. Fiora is beat or be beaten champion. So if you use her correctly, you can win. If you don't, then you lose. Simple as that. She's somewhat like Vayne, except with more professional mechanics like Lee Sin.
  3. Why does anyone think that fiora is broken? I simply dont get it I mean come on guys really just because u like playing str8 damage(not playing tanks in the top lane) and cannot pick deffencive items on some cases that doeesnt mean that she is broken Oh and I understand that she can deal a lot of damage and carry games in the solo q... But isnt that supposed to be the role of every champion? Either with relative ease or hard as f*ck hats the reason you play with the champion OH AND DONT FORGET CC THATS FIORAS WORST ENEMY FREAKING CC
  4. so... as I played against a fiora once I saw she is the most fucking broken ass champ in the game now I play her and its free elo rofl
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  6. To everyone thinking Fiora is OP: Yes, she does have amazing damage potential in the laning phase, but that's because she's a *duelist* champ, so obviously she'll destroy you if you're dumb enough to 1v1 her. However, her weakness is that she has *no* escapes, brings nothing to teamfights, and gets *completely* shut down by CC.
  7. I just have one complaint about this champion, her ult is just dumb, you can tower dive so easy and shes not targetable.
  8. I feel like Fiora is a lot like Varus. She requires a certain play style and know-how to play, and can be very easy to beat in the hands of a noob. But when someone actually knows how to play her, the becomes the most op champion in the game:).
  9. So basically Fiora's burst of speed is just Master Yi's highlander with a lower cooldown. Seems pretty OP to me, but then again Fiora is expensive as crap.
  10. It's funny how some people hate Fiora and praise Yi...
  11. fiora is the biggest noobchamp in this game. the e gives 120% attack speed? seriously riot? 120%????? and that op w passive. every fiora gots with level 1 about 100 attack damage. wtf. oh yeah and that ult...
  12. Any tips on how to counter her? I thought of going Malphite top and then switched it at the last second to go Xin, I'm new, so don't expect me to know everything. I went 0/2 with 26 cs at 10. It was a nightmare. Probably my worst Xin Game ever. I hate this champ, Riot, fix this, please.
  13. feedora, fedora like if you watching this in 3018
  14. my build is ie phantom dancer bloodthristrer botrk breserkers greaves mad guardian agell
  15. fucking replace dominion with urf already!!
  16. Thanks to phreak I won a 1 vs 4 match today with fiora(all my teammates were afk).
  18. Like if youʻre watching in 2015
  19. Fiora is my main champion and i have to say she is OP as i play with her. Even when i play against lvl 30's i still whoop their ass. I dont understand how people think she is weak or broken. Learn how to play and then come at me bro.... I nearly have a 100% win rate with her. Its all about who plays each champion. Not a single is necessary broken just haven't learned how to play.
  20. Fiora is Urf?
  21. I remember when I first ran into a fiora... I was playing riven in the top lane and well she kicked my ass and I was traumatized. I then proceeded to buy fiora and I only play her now lel. she needs a re-work and a pirate themed skin :)
  22. Just came here to see all the crybabies
  23. Why does everybody hates Fiora, If you CC her, she's fucking over, she's not THAT overpowered, you are just raging because you 1v1 her and die, same would happen with 1v1 Yi or 1v1 Yasuo, etc. She's quite useless in tf, means you can pretty much only use her as a side pusher and that's it
  24. Fiora is only good because of her passive
  25. can someone tell me how to counter Fiora ;-; every time i fight her she dives and trades lives till she hits 6 then she wrecks me because she can ult with no penalty from diving how do you counter this at level 6 please help.