Fiora Champion Spotlight

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League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Fiora, The Grand Duelist, with expert strategy and tactics provided by Riot Games. Click here to signup and play League of Legends:

  1. LOL i just won agaist Nasus as Fiora :D. And Nasus stack was 3 when the game ended xD.
  2. my freelo Used her to plat 3
  3. On the a minion then onto his face ROFL XD
  4. deals TONS OF DMG
  5. I hate how everyone says she sucks. Just because a champion requires more skill to play than other champions, it doesn't make them shitty. Fiora is beat or be beaten champion. So if you use her correctly, you can win. If you don't, then you lose. Simple as that. She's somewhat like Vayne, except with more professional mechanics like Lee Sin.
  6. Eh.... She seems kinda hard to use... any other tips that any of you guys have about her abilities? Like how to use the most out of her ult?
  7. Overpowered bitch <3
  8. Phreak also forgot to mention that Fiora's ultimate isn't worth squat against Jax's counter strike. Dodged the whole thing, then jumped on her with my lamppost.
  9. Genesis Rhapsodos' skin needed :)
  10. I think Fiora really needs some cc,because that is imo the only thing she is lacking right now
  11. Why does everyone hate Fiora!? She is my main, and I find her amazing! Her insane damage can destroy people in 1 v 1s and ganks usually fail due to her Q and E. Her ult is just amazing, applying on-hit effects, her passive (which does get better late game, especially with a boost from Blade of the Ruined King) and making her untargetable, which is perfect, because when youre almost dead, and the enemy is almost dead too, the ult will just clean them up easily. Her W is very useful too, though it requires a bit more skill to pull off right, but its still great. She can DESTROY minion waves and camps during mid game, and as soon as you get a Tiamat/Ravenous Hydra. farming will be a breeze. I have destroyed a turret on full health with no minions just by using my E. I have also solo-baroned with her E and W. She can obliterate the enemy team if played correctly and because of that, she is my favourite champ. I could even say that I am happy that she is underrated, as I can play her more, and counter some other champs!
  12. Your position in queue: Over 20000 you kidding?
  13. fiora is quite op if your team doesn't have any cc. fiora free week = lost all the time :(
  14. xfioramaster18
  15. Talent, honor, discipline...and pretty pictures ! (draws a Teemo face in the air)
  16. I just played her (second time ever) and got a penta :D
  17. Fiora is ridiculous I love her. Also, her accent is op :P 
  18. love these videos but theres not all champions plz make them all =)
  19. This champ is like riven. She needs nerf even though she's my favorite.
  20. Riot please make Headmistress Fiora available again this Hallowheen :)
  21. My #1 Champ. I want new skins for her.. Her skins r so Boring.
  22. Fioran needs a rework or a HARD buff, she is really weak right now. No Escape. No cc. No damage. (if people are smart enough to build armor)
  23. I think people highly underestimate Fiora's power. They're are people who made it to diamond just playing fiora. That means there has been people who've beaten jax, malphite. Once her rework comes i wouldn't be surprise if you see people start to be fiora a lot =P
  24. how can i use this masteries when they are outdated and disordered alignment
  25. Blade Waltz = Alpha Strike?.... Besides for proc, not worth.