China Got Talent - My Heart Will Go On (Blinfolded Chinese Version)

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  1. hello poland
  2. 喜欢····唱得很好
  3. Greaaaat, Asian Jokes everywhere. You guys piss me off. 
  4. Wow ^ ^
  5. 这首中文歌是什么
  7. what an insensitive jerk you are. have a heart.
  8. First off, before you criticise a race, find some facts. Perhaps if you stayed at school a little longer you would find that an argument with no evidence is not a valid argument at all. Secondly, you are western. You are making assumptions about a country that you have no information about, have never lived in and have never been to. What gives you the audacity to insult let alone comment on their ways. Grow up. you are an insult to westerners. Fun fact, your ego= 50000 times your ability.
  9. must thank for this comment
  10. Your attitude is revolting. You just sound like an ignorant skinhead hick.
  11. yeah, I thought the same
  12. Korean letters are the ones that look like sticks and bubbles. I don't know how yu ended up on a Chinese show, you tell me. Also-wow, doesn't the line of characters speeding along the bottom make you guys nervous? It makes me very nervous, and they're talking so fast, I can't catch any words.
  13. Del titanic no tiene nada xD
  14. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I really fill for u bro but u will c your love again u can c her in your dreames and in your mind she is always here with u.
  15. hen meili! :)
  16. me tieng nah ko
  17. He was going to marry his fiancee the summer of that year, a 'wedding under the moonlight' he called it. then his fiancee went missing for 2 months now since the earthquake that happened in New Zealand, as she was studying there. So it's a song he composed for their promise. He blindfolded himself so that he could visualize her. And he will continue to wait for her to come back.
  18. People like you deserve to be tortured...
  19. the fuck is your problem?
  20. wow,seriously whats with all the hate towards chinese people?! i have a great respect for them,sheesh its almost embrassing to know how some americans can be so damn ignorant,can't wait to move out of the states.anywho!! don't know the reason for the blindfold but you can really see how sad he is. =,(
  21. what is the name of this song?
  22. shut up like you can sing any better
  23. I think he used to sing that in blindfold with his wife so he chose to sing like that .,., im not sure about it coz i can understand :D
  24. I may be ruining the love story but... This guy is hot and his voice is sexy. Even though I can't understand a word he says I can listen to him all freaking day.
  25. I thought it was he titanic song
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