Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music (Audio)

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  1. Heyyyy people turn up the music its Chris brown!!!!­čśŹ´╗┐
  2. Turn up the music I need it in my lifeee! <3 ´╗┐
  3. To all those bitches who always say that this song is 100% stolen from toulouse: how The fuck could Chris brown steal the music from Toulouse when turn up the music was released on february and Toulouse on may.. Bitches Just Shut The Fuck Up.. Plus i personally think that turn up The music better´╗┐
  4. MinHo's cover. ; ; ´╗┐
  5. we freestyle with this music in my street dance classes´╗┐
  6. Chris Brown is the best!´╗┐
  7. Nicky Romero - Toulouse´╗┐
  8. This music reminds me of hilty and bosch dope choreo´╗┐
  9. Anyone noticed the duckface ?´╗┐
  10. periousia? sovara? OLOI OI ELLHNES COMMENT EDW´╗┐
  11. waaaa esta es la cancion que canta minho de shinee saranghae kpop´╗┐
  12. If you're sexy and you know it put your hands up in the air. Woooohooooo´╗┐
  13. if you are turning the music loud be proud´╗┐
  14. this reminds me Minho! ´╗┐
  15. A quien carajo le interesa si esta canci├│n es buena o no, la canci├│n es buena y me gusta.´╗┐
  16. chris brown excellent music you cool !!! ;)´╗┐
  17. Love love love Big fan i would say #1 fan but only u can decide that ­čĺő­čĺő­čĺőÔŁĄÔŁĄÔŁĄ´╗┐
  18. excelente music´╗┐
  19. Great Song Chris Brown!!!´╗┐
  20. Turn Up the Music in 2014, everyone. ´╗┐
  21. Coolest song ever´╗┐
  22. I will always remember, when i listening this song Minho solo (SHINee) of 'Turn Up The Music'. Is there any kpop fans like me? xD´╗┐
  23. Yes krasi Choi! I love kpop too. I loveeee EXO Omg they are my babies and Shinee was the first group I listened to when I barely started learning about kpop´╗┐
  24. Best song´╗┐