Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music (Lyrics On Screen) [Fortune]

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Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music (LYRICS) Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music

  1. Was I the only one who heard screaming?
  2. I like how it says "maybe I can beat that "
  4. This song always gets me in my jam mode. :) 
  5. Make more songs :D Pwease :3
  6. Nicky Romero - Toulouse
  7. This song makes me happy loveyou chris♡
  8. to fast
  9. My and 32,598 people LOVE IT SOO MUCH!! :D
  10. wow yea
  11. i can hear it also
  12. cool man
  13. What if this is really loud cuz of the stupid speakers, and I don't want to turn it up?
  14. whooohoo this is is a five star
  15. himesh babu
  16. Trun up me
  17. send to Ashley
  18. good song who made it i love it so yeah
  20. Guys please put this song into Just Dance!
  21. /
  22. i really really love this song
  23. Woah
  24. you are gay not me
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