Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music (Lyrics On Screen) [Fortune]

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Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music (LYRICS) Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music

  1. Chris Brown can make the weirdest faces and still look like the sexiest creature on the face of the planet. Hence, Lil Mama Shawty Get Loose when he sung the chorus the second time around. Sigh.
  2. love this song like no other though XD hey +the smash network remember this came on today? XD
  3. there is a song I a song, bollywoood song which has copied its inner tune
  4. After i saw Minho (SHINee) dance to this song, i fell in love with it!!!
  5. I love this song! =) Haven't heard it in so long ~~
  6. this ws on in our gym class XD
  7. turn up the music
  8. turn up the music
  9. ngl his music got better after he beat up Rihanna
  10. Nicky Romero Toulouse Bitches!!!!
  11. It would be cool if they put this song on just dance 2016!
  12. This version is faster i like....
  13. Hello friends i hope you you've had a good day today!!!!! heres a video to jam out to well song but you know what i mean
  14. YASSSS 😍✌👌😂 Who else?
  15. Make more songs :D Pwease :3
  16. This Keep Reminding me Of The Song I'm Sexy And I know It"
  18. TURN UP!!!!
  19. Don't stop my vibe
  20. Sounds like toulouse by nicky romero
  21. It's a good song 
  22. Love the music just hate him for hitting Rihanna
  23. Never heard it before.
  24. I like cheese
  25. I'm going to be famous
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