Chris Martin Fix You acoustic

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Fix You on acoustic by Chris

  1. peoples grammer these days....fs
  2. can someone tell me how he plays the ending? like the little closing riff part, been trying to figure it out forever and havent been able to 
  3. Lindooooo!!!
  4. Why would 29 people visit this song, knowing what it is, listen to it, and then click the down thumb button? Did you get lost or are you deaf?! This band are the best band on the planet! Discuss :-)
  5. I have to cry everytime I listen to fix you :'( <3
  6. Chris are the best :) 
  7. It's great! Not acoustic though :P
  8. that song kills me every time !
  9. he did it again ...
  10. Buon Sabato community!
  11. @TheJrpca Nice imagination! But Chris and Gwyneth met 3 weeks after Bruce Paltrow passed away. The song though is dedicated to his late father-in-law.
  12. piano commands respect from all instruments...for its the only instrument that can lead over a conductors stick. let alone also the main instrument that has treble and bass clefs...learn music then you will understand. this is acoustic piano.
  13. so pretty
  14. It´s not always important to hit the right notes properly, it´s about feeling and he has the feeling.
  15. EpiphoneArchtopLover stop being so pedantic. Playing a keyboard and piano particularly using the piano sound on a keyboard is the same thing especially if it has weighted keys. If Chris martin had played the same on an ACOUSTIC PIANO as you call it we would have pretty much heard same result. Wonderful performance Mr Martin. Spine tingling.
  16. Are you fucking kidding me WIKIPEDIA? Is that a reliable source? fuckin hell man..
  17. Coldplay doesn't deserve 240p...
  18. Good coldplay
  19. can anybody make a tutorial of this?
  20. Either way it's still not an "acoustic" piano.
  21. Hey guys! Check out my cover of this song. Your guys support would mean the world to me. Thanks =]
  22. most beautiful song of this world ♥
  23. this song has lots of meanings !
  24. 17 people need to be fixed
  25. Love this... #fixyou