Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music Video]

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© 2010 WMG Check out more Christina Perri: my album lovestrong. is available now! download the "jar of hearts" music video on itunes! Follow Christina Perri on Spotify: AHHHH ITS HERE!!! please enjoy the heart + soul + guts in my official music video for jar of hearts!!!!!!! special thanks to atlantic records, stacey tookey, allison holker, kathryn mccormick, keltie colleen, chantel aguirre, eboni adams, chelsea thedinga, peter chu, jay martin, jill kaplan, + the whole crew + DNA.

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  2. You know, usually I would listen to a song like this to help me get through a bad heartbreak or get over a crush who just didn't know that I exist, but now; this is going to be the last time I ever listen to a song like this. The reason being, I have FINALLY given up on love, and I now realize that I will never find someone who mutually cares for me. This is to all my crushes that went wrong and broke my heart: Thank you for teaching me what true depression is like, for being some of the cause of my clinical depression, and for truly showing what it is like to have your heart shattered into pieces. It's because of you that I will never ever fall for another guy, and I have given up on the idea of ever finding a nice guy. Thank you for fucking up my life, and for showing me that love is just a bullshit dream that can never cease to result in heartbreak and broken dreams. fuck love.
  3. Who else is watching this in 2015? :D
  4. My boyfriend didn't know i knew he was cheating on me he broke up with me in public.He Cheated on his NEW Girlfriend.She broke up with him.He begged me to take him back on the i played the song on my phone.GENIOUS.
  5. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music V…: ต้องทำใจลืมคนที่รักหมดใจ นานนะ ..#Dear it took so long just to feel alright ..
  6. This makes me think of my ex
  7. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music V…:
  8. In my opinion, this is a really good song and I love it, and she does a good job at singing
  9. i once needed a poo but it turned out it wouldn't come out so i got upset, i didn't want to tell it i was upset but in the end i did. we then argued and broke up, the next day he got hit my a car, RIP poo
  10. Notte 
  11. Denger nie....ingat loe gue 'Tak akan berakhir' Ucap(02.01.15)
  12. Well, u see. There's this guy named Ryan Smith and we met in 4th grade we would hang out a lot, I like him a lot but I'm not so sure how he feels about me, he asked me to prom and in the middle of the dance we both kissed, we've now been dating for at least 3yrs now, but... We got into this huge fight because he never really spent time with me anymore, he was always to busy with his friends, I don't know what happened everything was working out perfectly fine and we loved each other more than anything, in the fight I screamed at him, " why do u never even talk to me anymore, u just hang out with ur stupid friends" so he yelled back at me, "well it's not my fault that ur boring" so that was it I grabbed my purse my keys and ran out the door. I lived with my sister for a while, and every time he called or texted I disabled him, one night I cried myself to sleep and in the morning I saw that he had called me About 100 times, so I finally answered and we talked for some while and then he told me to come back so we could talk it out. When I went over he said he cried himself to sleep every night and was to depressed to do anything when I left, I didn't know what to do so I left, he called me the next morning and said his heart would stop beating if I didn't come back, I don't know what to do, I mean we both love each other and we used to do a lot of things together. But actually if u fight with you bf or gf it just means u love them more because u care enough about each other to fight and argue just to make your relationship better. Should I get back with him or no? I'm so heartbroken.😖😭💔
  13. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music V…:
  14. I remember when i was smaller this guy really liked me and I didn't like him.....HE KISSED OTHER GIRLS and I'm always like bro if you like me stop mouth raping other girls!I mean..what the fuck?
  15. This is one of my faves., I thought I'd play it one more time for old time sake....To all my haters my husband & I have & will continue to work on our marriage ......I still stand strongiI'll still not ever turn a child away .My boy's & my husband are my life .....
  16. My life....
  17. Brings back memories.....
  18. Anyone else cry wile watching this? It was just so heart breaking
  19. THIS SONG GOES OUT TO ALL OF MY EX`S WHO HAVE HURT ME AND TRIED TO COME BACK FOR ME. i have grown to strong to ever fall back in your arms! who do you think you are!
  20. I love this song 😍😍😍😂😏❤️❤️💚💜💙💛💋
  21. belle voix 
  22. Jar of hearts
  23. Well I didn't think anyone could get me off of your "A Thousand Years" page I've been listening to it for 2 weeks everyday 15 or 20 times a day it is so inspiring but "Jar of Hearts" has won me over with it's lyrics & contrast & melodically chorus
  24. i really like this song