Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music Video]

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© 2010 WMG Check out more Christina Perri: my album lovestrong. is available now! download the "jar of hearts" music video on itunes! Follow Christina Perri on Spotify: AHHHH ITS HERE!!! please enjoy the heart + soul + guts in my official music video for jar of hearts!!!!!!! special thanks to atlantic records, stacey tookey, allison holker, kathryn mccormick, keltie colleen, chantel aguirre, eboni adams, chelsea thedinga, peter chu, jay martin, jill kaplan, + the whole crew + DNA.

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  2. You know, usually I would listen to a song like this to help me get through a bad heartbreak or get over a crush who just didn't know that I exist, but now; this is going to be the last time I ever listen to a song like this. The reason being, I have FINALLY given up on love, and I now realize that I will never find someone who mutually cares for me. This is to all my crushes that went wrong and broke my heart: Thank you for teaching me what true depression is like, for being some of the cause of my clinical depression, and for truly showing what it is like to have your heart shattered into pieces. It's because of you that I will never ever fall for another guy, and I have given up on the idea of ever finding a nice guy. Thank you for fucking up my life, and for showing me that love is just a bullshit dream that can never cease to result in heartbreak and broken dreams. fuck love.
  3. "My boyfriend cheated on me! and I was upset and he broke up with his other gf and tried to-.." Goddammit, we're people on the internet trying to enjoy a song, not your goddamn therapists.
  4. Who else is watching this in 2015? :D
  5. This makes me think of my ex
  6. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music V…:
  7. Wow...
  8. idk there dancing is kinda like Sia's style is it just meh? :P
  9. So don't come back for me Who do you think you are?
  10. Today, I found out that my best friend had a crush on MY crush, and he liked her back...he asked her out...i broke...this song is helping me
  11. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music Video]:
  12. i once needed a poo but it turned out it wouldn't come out so i got upset, i didn't want to tell it i was upset but in the end i did. we then argued and broke up, the next day he got hit my a car, RIP poo
  13. I'm 7 amd I feel for this song cuz my bf left me after 3 days. I'm depressed now plz help. M80s I need your help. She joined the illuminati and left me 
  14. ❤ #músicaonmundooff 🎧🎼🎶🎵
  15. Jar of Hearts Christina Perri! Wow ! Someone found my diary! This is me!!!!!
  16. Denger nie....ingat loe gue 'Tak akan berakhir' Ucap(02.01.15)
  17. "Who do you think you are, running around leaving scars?" "I don't know, maybe Lord Voldemort?" That gif set has completely ruined me and I cannot take this song seriously. Pity. Seems like a good song.
  18. Love this song Helps me deal with things
  19. i really like this song
  20. Had a terrible night... But singing this in the shower made everything feel better.
  21. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music V…:
  22. men can have sex without love. women have sex because of love....
  23. THIS SONG GOES OUT TO ALL OF MY EX`S WHO HAVE HURT ME AND TRIED TO COME BACK FOR ME. i have grown to strong to ever fall back in your arms! who do you think you are!
  24. To all the people who have had their hearts ripped out. The pain of a loss can be truly horrid but the knowledge gained is priceless, yes it comes at a hell of a cost but the best things are expensive. Read the lines below. Stop thinking now, quit second guessing all your failed relations with your could've would've should've maybe might have beens, I'll show you how, to send your feelings out for lubrication, lose these blues and screw your head on tight again, they cut you bad, your heart is just a scar but if you could just get mad you'd be better off by far. What you want is taken, what you need is better circulation, work that heavy heart and make it light again. They'll tell you it's their fault and other shit to dumb to mention, I've been that road it's paved with good intentions. Well it's hard to believe your heart will soon recover but you don't want it to, you love this aching agony 'cos it's noble and it's true, happiness would fill your heart with misery. Your loss is measured in illusion but your gain is all in bitter sweet intelligence. These lyrics are from a song called winsome smile by Chris smither, That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.
  25. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts