"Coming To America" Lyric Video - K'NAAN

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Premiering today on HipHopDX.com, check out the new lyric video for "Coming To America" from K'NAAN's new 5-song EP, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SILENCE. Pick it up now featuring "Is Anybody Out There?" with Nelly Furtado and "Nothing To Lose" with NAS, "Better" and more. Available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/KN-MBTS

  1. great tune
  2. i like how its referencing Eddy Murphy's "coming to america"
  3. testing testing
  4. +Cras mussen the song is called - until the lion learns to speak.
  5. its a piece of shit ? why u watch it then !?!??!?!? one word for u: NOOB (hope u understand what it means)
  7. Thank you ! :)
  8. aweh K'naan! coming from jozi Now we both coming to america same train different number!
  9. Ain't Kno' Jesus but I try be a Saviour for 'em Lord kno's I try'n Walk fo 'em Let 'em Follow My Steps, there can't Fail Don't wanna see that place called Jail
  10. some of these things he said in this song are second hand stories and alot of it is his experience.
  11. Everywhere, anywhere you go, its going to be fucked up in its own way.
  12. you stupid or what he is referencing the rapper soulja boy song crank that when he says I'm superman
  13. that's me right there. thank you bra
  14. RAP= Rhymes And Poet
  15. you can't jump the boarder of north america
  16. haha at 1:47 they're in Toronto, which isnt america
  17. I Made it out a Favela then Cross'd Many Borders like Miagrants Runnin' the sea's like Ancient Pirate's Try'n get to that land of the educated, Where Immigrant's are advocated And The Dream and Dinheiro is Celebrated Always wanted to see Los angeles, Live in Los Angeles Raise a Family in Los Angeles, To all My Casa's back in my mamaland, Don't be down coz of my Absences I am Just headin' to America, to chase that American dream I've heard 'bout all my life
  18. true dat
  19. i liked knaan till this he lives in toronto and made fun of eminem 0:42-0:45
  20. Now in America, INS Givin' me Trouble I keep Evadin' them We all Dreamers, don't need act, if you kno' what I'm sayin' We need a shot at the american dream that 200 million of ya is livin' I ain't try'n be that 3 million dumb suckers, lock'd inside a cotton prison If you feelin' this right 'ere, that mean you and me we comin' from commonplaces Try'n live that Good life in the home of the natives Yeah huh
  21. Thank you !
  22. now you get it? lol
  23. I shit you not, i ant afraid...just yes
  24. I just wanna live a good life ! :')
  25. amarica is a buttifull place. but postcards aside, god does not look on amarica in a happy way.