Crayon Colors Song (Girls vs. Guys)

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  1. Nerimon!
  2. The girl with granny smith apple, jazzberryjam, tickle me pink and tan, she is from the Shaytards are all these people from YouTube?
  3. i see a few comments saying "they only used PRETTY girls." well i say that every girl is pretty! and guys too (guys not in a girly way, but a handsome way).
  4. Don't call it flesh, that's racist. Not everyone's skin is that color
  5. Hey collete from the shaytards was in this video
  6. Omg how has nobody noticed Collete from the Shaytards 8)
  7. I'm i the only one who noticed Collette from the shaytards?
  8. I Like this vid because collette from the shaytards 
  9. Colette! Yeah Shaytards!
  10. At the end with Colette I think Brock's (Rocktard's) leg is in the backround.
  11. I'm surprised that no one in the comments noticed somebody. Katilette! Shaytards! Or am i just going crazy? xD
  12. at the end there is a thing they are saying it sounds like jibberish its not they are saying something backwards, they said GUYS WATCH THIS FOR THE GIRLS AND GIRLS WATCH IT FOR THE DRAWINGS...... IN THE ITUNES VERSION THEY SAID WHEN I WAS 21 I STARTED MAKING HEALTHY CHOISES
  13. Their accents have really changed...
  14. is it just me or some of these colors made-up
  15. Ok is everything past 1:41 except for blue fake? Im praying that it is.
  17. Hey the mom from shaytards is there! COOL!!!
  18. alex day at the end XD
  19. TARDIS blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3
  20. Snnnnobshiak.... snojojo snobshiak !
  21. 0:07 COLETTE!
  22. the 1:44 girl looks like rose from doctorwho
  23. omg the boys vs girls my husband draws just like the rest of those guys lol why do guys always draw poop or some weird thing that does not even make sense
  25. Mahogany!!!!