Crayon Colors Song (Girls vs. Guys)

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  1. OMG! who noticed Collette from the shaytards?
  2. I thought Rhett and Link were American. Not Australian
  3. If you play the end backwards sounding part you here something about the sky and girls...
  4. they sound british in this vid. p.s. LISTEN TO THIS BACKWARDS!!!!!
  5. What Rhett and Link are saying backwards is "Guys watch this or the girls will watch this..." and I can't figure out the rest.
  6. Are those gross colors at the end real crayon colors?
  7. kolet / mommytard is in your video from the shaycarl show
  8. Nerimon!
  9. wow when it comes to sketching chescaleigh has skills
  10. Josh Kirby they r American
  11. Have you SEEN some of the things people do with craons? Seriously? WHO CAN GOW OUT OF CRAYONS AFTER WATCHING THOSE THINGS? I hereby decree, that my children will never grow too old to draw with crayons. Unless their hands start doing weird things and consequently render them incapable of holding the crayons. Or if they just don't like drawing. I guess I don't decree anything. Huh. Back to drawing a study of a marshmallow.
  12. whats the point ?
  13. It's the tardis
  14. Hey Rhett hm why at the end on youtube your saying when I was 21 I started making healthy choices and on I tunes your saying guys watch this for the girls girls watched this for the drawings backwodds for pls tell 
  15. Hmmm.... REVERSE PROCCESS = Guys watch this for the girls,girls watch this for the drawrings!
  16. They never said razzel dazzle rose
  17. Dem accents tho.
  18. When that blue crayon magically decides to be purple... Fml
  19. i have the same accent as the man at the end of the video and Rhett and links accent just sounds hilarious to me, its like me trying to sound Australian lol
  20. My favorite My was the backslap purple
  21. i didnt see link in the description :(
  22. Collette! xD
  23. Omg Rhett is super young there. Better looking too lol
  24. What is the melody of this song from its an awesome song but I can't remember what it's called and it's killing me someone help me remember asap