Crayon Colors Song (Girls vs. Guys)

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  1. Lol I just noticed Olga Kay was in it..
  2. KATILETTE! MommyTard! YES!
  3. Haha i just love this song :'D x
  4. Excuse me, but I believe the proper color is TARDIS blue, not just plain blue.
  5. Robins egg blue is my favorite! ^_^
  6. Best song ever.
  7. I like the "TARDIS" blue colour! TARDIS's are awesome!!!
  8. I checked the description box, there was in fact no Link... I am highly disappointed.
  9. I like Shamrock.
  10. There's a secret message I learned. On the iTunes song its "when I turned 21 I started making healthy choices " and on this video they are saying "guys watch this for the girls, girls watch this for the drawings" at like 2:32 they are singing those things backwards Lol
  11. I love this song XD
  12. colette <33
  13. Alex Day ^.^
  14. The girl at the end is really pretty ^_^
  15. shaytard Colette
  16. TARDIS!!!
  20. ... i think fuchsia might be a little racist
  21. ELMO!!!!!!!
  22. MommyTard?
  23. Dr. WHO??!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. 6:00 Colette!!
  25. mommy tard and the tardis