Crayon Colors Song (Girls vs. Guys)

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  1. 00:7 Is that Katilette? (Colette from Shaytards) Aka Mommy Tard?
  2. at the end where it's backward it says 'guys watch this for the girl, girls watch this for the (didnt catch the last word)"
  3. Nerimon!
  4. Are those gross colors at the end real crayon colors?
  5. i see a few comments saying "they only used PRETTY girls." well i say that every girl is pretty! and guys too (guys not in a girly way, but a handsome way).
  6. Lol, this is funny. Really shows the difference between girls and guys XD
  7. Was that mommytard 
  8. I'm surprised that no one in the comments noticed somebody. Katilette! Shaytards! Or am i just going crazy? xD
  9. 1:32 Anyone Know Who She Is :P (I Do)
  10. This disturbed me... Soiled Hospital Gown? Head Wound Red? WTF CRAYOLA?!?!
  11. Their accents have really changed...
  12. Omg how has nobody noticed Collete from the Shaytards 8)
  14. 0:07 IS THAT +katilette ?
  16. TARDIS
  17. Lol.... all of the girls did cute and friendly stuff.... boys did yucky stuff XD
  18. Don't call it flesh, that's racist. Not everyone's skin is that color
  19. Yay TARDIS!
  20. ahhhh the picture at 2:19 is a tardis!!!!!!!!! omg yesss best picture in there!!
  21. Shaytards mommy tard
  22. TARDIS blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3
  23. don't call it flesh, call it light peach
  24. the 1:44 girl looks like rose from doctorwho
  25. The girl with granny smith apple, jazzberryjam, tickle me pink and tan, she is from the Shaytards are all these people from YouTube?