Crayon Colors Song (Girls vs. Guys)

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  2. Like if watching in 2015 + they look waaay different!
  3. OMG! who noticed Collette from the shaytards?
  4. 2:21 'Don't fangirl, don't do it, DON'T DO IT!'
  5. 2:37 - 2:50 what are they saying?
  6. Like if your watching in 2015
  7. Are you saying only boys like doctor who? I am a huge fan of it and i say that is a stereotypical fallacy.
  8. me i noticed i see shaytards always i wish if rocktard was there in this video or next time daxton in some another video... love u liked this video... thumbs up if u guys liked this video ..................cheer for rhett and link..
  9. Collete? What she doin with rehtt and link
  10. Was that mommy tard from shay tard
  11. omygawsh their "accents" are so cool
  12. That sounds like an English accent why lol?!
  13. they sound british in this vid. p.s. LISTEN TO THIS BACKWARDS!!!!!
  14. Some of the boys are gross 
  15. Electric lime is a highlighter not green
  16. And nobody mentions the tardis? Just me? Okay
  17. +Nicole S. 
  18. I feel like this song should be on The Wiggles xD
  19. Like if your watching in 2015 😊
  20. girls wone. I think :0
  21. Awww, the last guy! He's cute :3
  22. Granny smith apple is the same colour as the pony... Even though the actual apple isn't.
  23. It's the tardis
  24. Who else thinks links hair looks like girls hair? I can't get over it.. AND RHETTS BEARD WHAT HAPPENED TO RHETTS BEARD
  25. The girls draw better than the boys X3