Crayon Colors Song (Girls vs. Guys)

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  2. Like if watching in 2015 + they look waaay different!
  3. OMG! who noticed Collette from the shaytards?
  4. 2:21 'Don't fangirl, don't do it, DON'T DO IT!'
  5. Are you saying only boys like doctor who? I am a huge fan of it and i say that is a stereotypical fallacy.
  6. 2:37 - 2:50 what are they saying?
  7. Trying to think how many of these are still relevant/famous now: Rhett and Link (obvs), Shaytard mum, olga kay (even that looked nothing like her) possibly Charlieissocoollike but I feel he's had his day but above all , the tardis
  8. (Backwards part) "Guys watch this for the girls, girls watch this for the drawings" -repeated 4 times. You're welcome. :-)
  9. they sound british in this vid. p.s. LISTEN TO THIS BACKWARDS!!!!!
  10. That sounds like an English accent why lol?!
  11. Collete? What she doin with rehtt and link
  12. I feel like this song should be on The Wiggles xD
  13. i thoght flesh was funny :)
  14. Electric lime is a highlighter not green
  15. me i noticed i see shaytards always i wish if rocktard was there in this video or next time daxton in some another video... love u liked this video... thumbs up if u guys liked this video ..................cheer for rhett and link..
  16. the shaytards mom was in there
  17. +Nicole S. 
  18. The TARDIS XF omfg XD 2;19
  20. And nobody mentions the tardis? Just me? Okay
  21. COLLETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @136
  22. bgirl5. Is that Lindsay, Philip Defranco's wife?
  23. At 1:36 is that mommytard
  24. TARDIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. That guy at the end. I have a pack of 96 crayons in my room that I have not used.