Cumbias Pa' Gozar - La Cortina, Mi Cucu, Capullo y Sorullo y muchas mas...

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Difosatv presenta en un concierto en vivo a LA ORQUESTA DE ANY VELASQUEZ, interpretando cumbias que hicieron famosas la Sonora Dinamita. Web: Radio Online: Facebook: Twitter:!/difosamusic

  1. i am NEW TO CUMBIA...i love this video and their show but IS THIS CUMBIA? i though cumbia had to have ALOT OF ACORDEON? maybe i am wrong..someone help please...thanks.
  2. Colombia the land of the Cumbias
  3. En Guatemala hahahha
  4. I been listening to this whole dang thang, awesome concerto Yall. Bueno
  5. I said it once I'll say it again I LOVE CUMBIA AND LATINAS..... Long live CUMBIA and LATINAS
  6. i like
  7. Now this is the way Cumbia is played Phoenix Az.Your bands could learn something.
  8. La sonoradonamita vale pa pura verga
  9. This is Cumbia colombiana. No acordion. Norteño Cumbia and Artists like aniceto use acordions. :). Great Musica!
  10. This is too long:-( 
  11. this is taken place at Guatemala, but the origina is la Sonora Dinamita from Colombia
  12. "Orquesta de Any Velazquez" LIKE
  13. Happy New Year 2014 for your group and all america latina!
  15. I love it nice!!! 
  16. :)
  17. B R A V O ! ! ! ! !
  18. La dinamita.con los chapines..puuta. ..moverte loko
  19. Walter
  20. Accordeon - Vallenata?
  21. Mamitas
  23. dueto america
  24. buenisimas cumbias
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