Cutlass On 24's

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1987 Cutlass. Brand new 24 inch Incubus Rims, New Paint, 4 12inch Rockford P2's, Kicker ZX1000.1, 0 Guage Amp Kit, 7 inch Pioneer Indash Touchscreen, (24) Inch YES I SAID 24inch Flip Down T.V. 141 DB In Recent Comp. Brand New Dual Flowmatster Super 40 Exhaust, Autopage pager alarm system, Brand new HID Conversion Kit (Xennon 15K)

  1. Let me come get that bro 
  2. She nice bro I have one jus like but new to get fresh paint on mine
  3. @darion0009 naw bruh i aint in to that look, also the 255/30/24 is the right tire if you want to be able to turn w/o scrubbing, didn't want the truck look so least amount of lift possible??
  4. Those Look Like 22in Bro But GOOD SHIT
  5. aye bro. how you get yo box like that
  6. @moneymike785 They do look small but ur shyt hard tho dont get it twisted...I was gonna do 4s on my 71 cutlass but Iam doing 6s for this very reason!
  7. Whered you get the angel eyes man?
  8. @BigTwoSevenKills yes i would recomend dis amp highly perfect 4 my 4 subs doesnt' get hot at all handles very well
  9. reds not really my color, plus my boi got a red 1 already!!!
  10. @hmuvee true but i still would rather have this then a big ass "tank" eatin up all that gas
  11. how many amps you got on it?
  12. shes clean
  13. @atxiq45 ok expert wheres yo system?? i aint got to lie bout nothing, anyways that system gone new 1 in progress!!!!
  14. I want to find me a cutlass wit some clean original interior like that. That cutdog clean.
  15. @kuntryboy252 gotta get the 6.5 inch screen not the 7 inch hope it helps bro bro
  16. @Tylek101 thanx
  17. Did you have to replace your entire headlight for the HID kit or use the same headlight with HID bulb?
  18. nice cutty dogg does your flip down hit the seats I was thinking of putting a 22" in mine
  19. @Euqineved10 go with a 6.5 not a 7 inch and it will slide right in, but you wont b able to use factory wood trim
  20. it fits you just have to have someone make you a custom trim to go around it, the factory one was only setup for a single din.. hope it helps
  21. as i look at the video again the back look bigger then the front lol but what you doing next to it?
  22. how u get them rims on it iwthout it rubbin wen u turn cuz i got 22 on my 83 cutty with a lift kit and spacers still rubs...does anybody or even u know how to fix my problem get at me and let me know
  23. Nice car bro. Clean, and has a lot of modern stuff in there. I'm liking it a lot.
  24. dang dawg. ride lookin sharp. how hard was your double DIN install?? I had to cut the shit up out that metal supports and had to shave down my temp control module. you did that too?
  25. Did you have to cut anything to put that double din in it.