Damian Marley - Beautiful

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  1. big up jamaica
  2. LYRICAL ASSASSIN!!!!! So much style rasta!!!!!
  3. she is really is my love
  4. in this video we can see how long damein's rastas have grown until today
  6. USA
  7. Respect you from Russia
  8. (y)
  9. 194 ugly people with ugly hearts... ONE LOVE
  10. Big tune Marley.
  11. I know all of you guys aren't like. But even still, I love you guys
  12. Keep keepin' it real.. For all yellow eyes to see! ! Aged and lick samba he's dead now if you believe in that..talkin' bout Bob Marley and I know he's callin' his sons to spread word yes they're doin' quite a NICE job and only I am the really cool loser slob..NOT!! What about Julian..we're natural as the grease inna dread lock
  13. Damian Marley looks like Brad Pitt and even has his mannerisms. Look around his eyes and eyebrows. He's either a black Brad Pitt, or Brad Pitt is a white Damian Marley.
  14. @Djaell13 Frank Sinatra was white! Kenny G, Celine Dion, Jerry Cantrell, nd many more talented musicians and composers also white... What you have is called white guilt my son. (a message from your Caribbean friend) ;)
  15. ahh bob was pimpin:)
  16. yea i would own one too.
  17. hes really good but not as good as bob marley
  18. Bobby Brown is a HOT ASS MESS in this video! ROFL!
  19. always hav ma back, she stands true to dat/ real type of loving tank u for dat/yo runnin bare foot w/out my shoes n socks/ cuz she keep herself clean me nah gon catch no rash/ n she love me for real me haffi na cash/ n any lil ting from splish n splash/ yo all this blingin' its like u forgot/use cheddar reserve then u recruit a rat/so we listen couple speech of martin luther chat/ denies brown, bob matley, n sum supercat...wen 1 duty start is wen 1 duty stop/ 1-9 to 5-1 5 to 12 oclock/ ya see me
  20. Damn, I'd shampoo his locks! ;)
  21. Much love and much respect mon!
  22. yes it is
  23. BEAUTIFUL song, BLESS from POLAND!!!!
  24. @sweetshalewa yes they are along with others