Debut of the All-New 2012 Passat

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Today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Volkswagen introduced the world to the all-new 2012 Passat. The newest member of the VW family is roomier and sleeker than ever before, and is available for the first time as a TDI® Clean Diesel! What's more, it's made right here in the U.S.A. in our state-of-the-art Chattanooga, TN plant. Find out why the all-new Passat is worth the wait at

  1. @Bogota89 a vw made in germany is more expensive. in germany we have to pay over 30000 dollar for the basic version
  2. 1 : 28 It looks just like audi
  3. @JD12ish : Especially for highway driving, it has more to do with acceleration than top speed. In MA, there are some ramps that merge onto highways that are very short, so you have very little distance (and very little time) to get up to highway speed. If there's highway traffic, your slow car may either get rear ended or you're going to cause people behind you to slam on their brakes. Cars are getting heavier/larger, i.e. more weight to haul. Also, small engine = higher RPM = engine noise.
  4. @IINawarII It is not the big Country - it is because the drivers of big engines are like big stupid boys! Yes it is fun to drive cars with big engines, but they consume to much gasoline - that is not good for the enviroment of the earth and gasoline will end soon. The bigger your engine, the smaler is the range of your childs car.
  5. @D2jspOFFICIAL yes at volkswagen chattanooga he is bigger than the european passat version
  6. @JD12ish I always found that one intriguing - the European and Asian makers generally tend to go for smaller 2 litre or below cars, however traditionally that was often due to engine size taxations. The US market cars in the mid-1970s had anti-smog equipment fitted, which often hampered performance.
  7. Jetta fucking rules
  8. @rpblcan ehh Mercedes? don't know what u want o.ô
  9. audi is better, a lot better. but its the same family anyway...
  10. Ha ha ha! The steering wheel is off center. Sort of like they widened the Jetta but didn't bother to move the column!
  11. @zionsimas socialist economies ?? u have no idea about europe.
  12. @goma3 Actually, by paying their taxes Americans get a lot more BANG for their buck if you know what I mean.
  13. @proteanview So I was right then, it's not just a stereotype. Americans like to burn stuff just for the sake of it (whatever happened to gluttony being a deadly sin?). Europeans don't care as much (though there has been a strong SUV trend in recent years) about size as we do about substance, the looks and the presence of a car. The smoking bit is a silly stereotype. In recent years virtually all EU countries have enforced strict smoking prohibition and people stick to them, to my great surprise
  14. Did anyone else notice the drummers? lol...
  15. @bcuz909 SMALLER DISPLACEMENT DOESN'T EQUAL LESS POWER, that's my whole point. In EU you can buy a VW Passat with a turbo-charged 1.8TSI (not available in US). In US the comparable engine is a conventional 2.5MPI (considered entry-level, expected to be most popular, no longer sold in EU). The 2.5MPI is bigger, slower and thirstier (look at the specs I wrote below!).Due to the substantial torque advantage the TSI pulls much better from low revs = less noise, easier acceleration, lower consumption
  16. @JD12ish Hi..(again). Engines, and cars for that matter, are built down to a price....with exceptions. Tightly designed and manufactured engines have a life expectancy unlikely to exceed that of the host vehicle. They are designed to match the minimum requirement; though that requirement may be high in terms of performance and reliability. A high stress, high performance formula1 engine must be rebuilt after 60 miles and scrapped after 600. A truck engine may go 600,000 hard miles
  17. @bjoernjan I never said Americans are dumb. I've asked US people here why they prefer big engines despite the newer TSIs being better. If you look at the comments I got many different answers some very interesting and sensible. Reliability was mentioned but also things that aren't reasonable any more like smaller engines not having enough pulling power. And I never compared a 1.0L to a V8 merely a 2.5MPI to 1.8TSI (US and EU Passat engine choices respectively), the later is ALWAYS more efficient
  18. All Passats - from B5 till now are good, I just wondering why European model is still looking like B6, but american one is completely new car
  19. Das Heck ist aber schon etwas geklaut vom Audi A4....dieses auslaufende, die form der scheinwerfer.......
  20. @derdufteduft audi
  21. @JD12ish Americans might like big engines (in spite of our speed limits) because American culture is about big things and the idea of power. Americans 'can' have these engines because the costs of our gasoline is substantially cheaper. Put the two together... and voila. The idea of saving money or polluting less isn't really an American hallmark... just as the idea of lung cancer or respiratory problems or second hand smoke w/a child doesn't stop many Europeans from sucking on cigarettes.
  22. Looks dated and bulky.
  23. @goma3 What's your point? Read @chummer069's post to see why I listed the manufacturers (I forgot Porsche!).Though the US is important, according to statistics Germany alone trumps it as the most important market. Combined with France, GrBritain and the rest and it's obvious socialist Europe is by far the largest consumer of luxury automobiles. I agree with you on taxation, though there are huge differences between EU countries. BTW Where I live the Merc C63 AMG has a list price of 80400 euros.
  24. @JD12ish because theres a such long distant between the states and it's a big country so the engines needs to be big to handle the pressure, they got a big galant and stuff like that ..
  25. @ajkooper Hmm Mitsubishi or Porsche?? I'll take the Porsche;)
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