Deepak Chopra feat. Demi Moore - Desire

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  1. sexy and very ralexingg mind body and soul to the heart <3
  2. Greatness..
  3. warum bloß 5:22? *schwäääääärm*
  4. never tried any herbs. no drugs to feel intoxicated in spite of pain evil, for the Source of Life is my Lover. when your mind gets on molecular level & finds the intellect (the ability to THINK) in a most microscopic cell & realizes the smallest particles of matter the quarks are just el. charge - energy in a waves (frequences), & get the picture all we see is in fact a figment of our imagination,then you will see God, the Light, all-embracing Love,as Jesus did, when NOTHING FAIL. if not => 0
  5. I love the Poems of Rumi... the best of all persian poets!!!
  6. thank you. you are right about one thing though - most people are sheep... all the best to you.
  7. the world should no i love t o n i e
  8. were you tripping when you wrote this?
  10. you have the free will and right to manipulate, too. if you are better, manipulate it to the others. if you are worse, hush. do not say anything to the Source of Life...
  11. I love this song!
  12. awsome
  13. cooll............
  14. I love this thank you.
  15. what feelings can you remember? the love he is talking about is all-embarcing. all-embarcing love NEVER FAILS. do you not see!!!
  16. i am inlove with this video. i am moved...
  17. Hey that's Karma! Great.
  18. cool
  19. Yes yes and this source of life is.....and the all embracing love.......sounds like you're inhaling too much Ayurvedic herb..
  20. I've disappeared from myself and my attributes, I am present only for you. I've forgotten all my learnings, but from knowing you I've become a scholar. I've lost all my strength, but from your power I am able. I love myself...I love you. I love you...I love myself. " she has shed her ego and is telling us that she knows what true love is, and that is of the soul or source or "god" as some call it.
  21. V. Nice, specially when really understood
  22. Sure! The first verse when deepak is saying he has no choice, he longs to smell every lock of your hair, he is speaking of obsession of the ego, not true love, when demi then speaks and says a lover asked his beloved do you love yourself more than me and she replies, "I have died to myself and I live for you.
  23. y que ten haber el Deepak Chopra... es el también que habla¿
  24. I forgot to add this part when deepak is saying: Come merge with me, leave this world of ignorance. Be with me, I will open the gate to your love. " he is telling us that we have loved based on ego and source/god is ever present and always with us to show s there are no limits to unconditional love.
  25. Here's looking at you kid. Have a nice day mate and a wonderful tomorrow.
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