Desperado Guitar - The Secret

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Desperado (1995) Guitar - The Secret

  1. I always laugh at the end of this scene. After this cool lesson that the boy receives, he just walks away playing some random notes. Anyway, one of the best scenes in cinema history, subtle yet powerful. Practice 
  2. wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa antonyo bndirass
  3. HA MAMA MI.A ...... c'est c' est c 'est c ' est MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! le film est bien crois qu 'il cache son fusil dans son porte guitare il canarde SEC !!! qu 'i était beau !!! on ne le voit plus ....
  4. LOL he smoking a smoke or a blunt? lol HAHHAHAHHA 
  5. whats is thes song name?
  6. Woooow Una Vihuela que suena a Guitarra. jajaja
  7. The song is named: "Alacran y pistolero" De nada :) 
  8. does any know the tunes name in the last bit of the clip?
  9. 1:48
  10. The Secret
  11. Elokuvasta Desperado. Löytyy omasta DVD videovarastosta. Pidän tästä. 
  12. antonio is my baby
  13. "You got it? Good."
  14. gives me goosebumps <3 #antoniobanderas #desperado #mariachi 
  15. That kid wasnt even playing the guitar it was bg music gaaayyyyy.
  16. *"It's strange how pulling a trigger is easier than playing the guitar..."*
  17. iam not sure but I thought of this maybe the secret was the wind direction. but o well
  18. I wonder if the kid comes back and plays it to a T :)? Is there a sequel :)?
  19. If anyone wants the guitar pro tab for this I uploaded one to Ultimate Guitar based off another video I saw 
  20. very good!
  21. What makes this scene so particular and interesting is the directing of Robert Rodriguez, camera movements, screenplay, etc and of course the talent of Banderas.
  22. el secreto