Desperado Guitar - The Secret

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Desperado (1995) Guitar - The Secret

  1. *"It's strange how pulling a trigger is easier than playing the guitar..."*
  2. I always laugh at the end of this scene. After this cool lesson that the boy receives, he just walks away playing some random notes. Anyway, one of the best scenes in cinema history, subtle yet powerful. Practice 
  3. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend... this time I chose a guitar related evergreen of movie history! ..and don't forget: PRACTISE! #gitarra
  4. what song is he playing 1:48 ???
  5. Love the way he puts the guitar down towards the end!!! Cool plus....
  6. Hey guys I can't figure out one thing... What was the secret?
  7. this is the most fake guitar playing I have ever seen! I don't know how the heck people believe such crap!
  8. <3 <3 <3
  10. The only thing that would make Antonio more of a bad ass in this scene is a pocket watch and chain. The world would freeze over from the amount of cool radiating off of him.
  11. What makes this scene so particular and interesting is the directing of Robert Rodriguez, camera movements, screenplay, etc and of course the talent of Banderas.
  12. He was shoot in the left hand thats the reason he cant use the fingers freely for long time when play a guitar.
  13. check google for songsterr for mor inf :D 
  14. where can i get a good quality Spanish guitar? i live in Canada 
  15. good 
  16. Good moviee
  17. Beautiful film-scene.....
  18. Desperado Guitar - The Secret
  19. Desperado Guitar - The Secret
  20. Antonio is one of my favorit artists. Very good!
  21. SO SWEET...... LOL
  22. DD
  23. practice this. every day.
  24. This guy obviously has some harsh, negative relation with playing guitar and that's unfortunate. However, he is a complete and total badass and is spreading the love of music guitar to the younger ya can't really hate on him
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