Desperado Guitar - The Secret

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Desperado (1995) Guitar - The Secret

  1. good 
  2. does anyone know what the kid's small guitar is?
  3. If anyone wants the guitar pro tab for this I uploaded one to Ultimate Guitar based off another video I saw 
  4. where can i get a good quality Spanish guitar? i live in Canada 
  5. The only thing that would make Antonio more of a bad ass in this scene is a pocket watch and chain. The world would freeze over from the amount of cool radiating off of him.
  6. what song is he playing 1:48 ???
  7. Love the way he puts the guitar down towards the end!!! Cool plus....
  8. Hey guys I can't figure out one thing... What was the secret?
  9. He was shoot in the left hand thats the reason he cant use the fingers freely for long time when play a guitar.
  10. check google for songsterr for mor inf :D 
  11. Antonio is one of my favorit artists. Very good!
  12. Good moviee
  15. this is the most fake guitar playing I have ever seen! I don't know how the heck people believe such crap!
  16. SO SWEET...... LOL
  17. DD
  18. I wanna know the name of the song at the beginning before the kid started to play the guitar
  19. +intissar Ben Amor the secret :D
  20. This song is called El alacran y el pistolero
  21. This guy obviously has some harsh, negative relation with playing guitar and that's unfortunate. However, he is a complete and total badass and is spreading the love of music guitar to the younger ya can't really hate on him
  22. Desperado Guitar - The Secret / ANTONIO BANDERAS
  23. practice this. every day.
  24. <3 <3 <3
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