Desperado Guitar - The Secret

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Desperado (1995) Guitar - The Secret

  1. *"It's strange how pulling a trigger is easier than playing the guitar..."*
  2. Woooow Una Vihuela que suena a Guitarra. jajaja
  3. I always laugh at the end of this scene. After this cool lesson that the boy receives, he just walks away playing some random notes. Anyway, one of the best scenes in cinema history, subtle yet powerful. Practice 
  4. does any know the tunes name in the last bit of the clip?
  5. The Secret
  6. That kid wasnt even playing the guitar it was bg music gaaayyyyy.
  7. very good!
  8. where can i get a good quality Spanish guitar? i live in Canada 
  9. gives me goosebumps <3 #antoniobanderas #desperado #mariachi 
  10. el secreto
  11. 1:49
  12. This is a beautiful man <3
  13. the scene that got me to was the opening one :)
  14. Anyone know where I can find a guitar tab for this? :D
  15. Likewise
  16. damn, i love this movie:)
  17. and can someone write me a guitar tabs from this video?
  19. من أحلى أفلام أنطونيو .....
  20. il est à tomber...
  21. desperado
  22. i read this in butters voice..hilarious
  23. banderas rocks.........
  24. Are you incapable of having an intellectual conversation?
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