Dj Sir-G - 80s & 90s slow jams mix sample

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[Vol 1 Track 9] 1.Debbie Gibson - In your eyes 2.Timmy T - One More Try 3.Whistle - Do we have a chance 4.Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red 5.Klymaxx - I'd Still Say Yes 6.Roxette - It Must Have Been Love ----------------------

  1. Holy Crap, these just took me back to junior high! LOL!! AWESOME!!
  2. Ya i know i juz love all the songs here.
  3. ngeni kulapa dimdam dening kantang areni kaburi ko.
  4. i love 80's & 90's song,,di nakakasawang pakinggan...
  5. no, it was michael jackson in the 80's that they loved.... i never heard of any of these songs hahahah
  6. @BabyGersh no way in the 80's whites,latinos and blacks all loved this shit
  7. Timmy T... yay! lol (reminds me of past girlfriends)
  8. Good Music
  9. u can tlel a white person made thi$ $hyt