Drag Race! 2012 Nissan GT-R vs 2011 Chevy Corvette Z06 vs 2011 Shelby GT500

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We pit the three five-figure phenoms - the 2012 Nissan GT-R, 2011 Chevy Corvette Z06 and 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 - against each other at the drag strip. Read the full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupes/1104_2011_chevrolet_corvette_2011_ford_shelby_gt500_2012_nissan_gtr_comparison/index.html Shot by: Mike Suggett, Jim Gleason & Duane Sempson Edited by: Duane Sempson

  1. I'm seeing a lot of ignorant comments on this video... I whole lot of them... It's sad you guys can't appreciate all three of these cars, because you think the car you like the most defines you in some way, and if anyone insults it? They're insulting you... A real petrol head will give merit to all these cars. I'm not the biggest fan of the GT-R, and I hate its fanbase as much as Adolf Hitler hated the Jews. But I'm not going to try and take away its iconic legacy it's made for itself. Same goes for the Z06, and GT500! It's okay to have preference! One man likes ass, another likes titties. Some like Chips Ahoy, some like Oreos. But at the end of the damned day, they all get the job *DONE* in the same way! So take your ignorant fanboy comments, and do a self prostate exam with them! I speak for every *REAL* car enthusiast world wide! Because trust me! They're all thinking the same thing too! Either appreciate great cars! Or shut the fuck up, and get the *FUCK* out!
  2. In the real world: 1st the Vette 2nd the Mustang 3rd my hotwheels toy car 4th my lacrosse ball 5th the GTR
  3. Too much Godzilla for those shitty american cars
  4. Let's be realistic. Who da fuk races red light to red light anyway ? Most races are at highway speeds. And the ZO6 destroys the GayTR on the highway. Just a fact. Deal with you foreign cock suckers. Don't come crying to Americans to fight your war for you next time you're attacked faggot's
  5. Waiting for all of the butthurts to complain about the GT-R having AWD.
  6. Can't wait for the R36 GTR. 600hp, 250+ pounds lighter, 0-60 in probably 2.3-2.5 seconds. Top speed probably 220mph. 
  7. I love watching this take off. It was like Ben Johnson circa 1988.
  8. Wheres dodge challanger hellcate? Its about 75.000 $, and it would be.... well... better that the others two american cars.
  9. I'd take the GT500... But the Vette is pretty enticing too. and fuck the GTR. Lol. 
  10. lets take another look and see why ? its japanese !! and its much more refined!
  11. ZR1 would rip the little gtr ricer. 
  12. Mustang is the best value out of them. The vette is the worst. You can never go wrong with a gtr
  13. Gtr's for fags, put a z06 up against a gtr. Throw that shit out and put that zr1 on there, nissan must pay these places a shitload to not include the Zr1!!!!
  14. american cars sux, as always. sorry fat guys.
  15. lets be real, everyone hear would HAPPILY take one of these bad boys and be happy about it 
  16. MT can do nothing in a drag race between GTR and Z06 LOL 
  17. I love the Nissan GT-R! It is my favorite car on the planet!!!
  18. 2009 Nurburgring times 2009 GTR 7:26 2012 zo6 7:22
  19. If the GTR was the fastest car in the world and beat everything else (IRL, that's not unrealistic lol) people would still find numerous reasons to hate it and defend their favorite loser car. It always happens every time a GTR races something. Why is it that hard to just accept that Nissan put a lot of effort into the GTR and made an engineering marvel? I understand, we all have our favorite cars. The mustang and corvette aren't bad cars, and I also like them along with the GTR. However, making lame excuses like "The mustang is still is cooler" isn't helping your argument and just makes you sound ignorant. Oh, and by the way for my fellow Americans, just because a car is domestically made does NOT make you patriotic or a better person because you drive/love it. Imports aren't evil, and I have personally seen astonishingly better quality out of them. 
  20. I did enjoy the video...until I read the comments. Import fanboys and ignorant muscle heads are equally stupid. All three cars are different and unique in their own ways. I don't care what you say, if you tear down other cars like almost every one of these comments do, you aren't a real car enthusiast. And as an American some of these comments were quite offensive.
  21. real races arn't from stop to go. there always moving. this test doesn't prove nothing. put them on the trac already for a real result 
  22. Best belive that zo6 was cuming hard a strong
  23. I think the corvette would beat the gtr in a 30 roll most days of the week. They are all nice cars and I like them all but the gt500 is the one I could live with the most driving on the street and for half the price of a gtr and with a reflash and more tuning would make a gtr driver shiver with his 300 dollar sports glasses any day.
  24. can't beat that GTR launch.
  25. Man that GT500 was cool. Weren't the Super Snakes supposed to have a crap load of power? Corvette was cool too I have a lot of respect for them since I actually was able to ride in one and its kinda scary when the driver floors it and you get slammed into thr back of your seat. However that Nissan does impress me a lot. V8's are awesome but its very impressive what those engineers can do with the smaller engines. Don't hate me though haha I like imports AND muscle but maybe next time they should put a bright shiny Viper in there as well.
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