Drake - Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne

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Music video by Drake performing Miss Me. (C) 2010 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

  1. Wooow things are changing! Wiz we on the come up aha
  2. 'Weezy f baby and the f is is for phenomenal' phenomenal starts with a P o.O
  3. Songs deliver slot money
  4. Hex - Debut Single - Feel The Vibe this lil' rapper really looks up to Drake, and he made up this rap (freestyled it in recording), and made the hook... Give this talented guy some recognition would ya? :P
  5. lil wayne is a bad rapper. what is he good at?
  6. Nice, Aubrey Drake Graham
  7. This beat goes hard 
  8. I hope u miss me while I'm gone...
  9. I think you caught me in a moment!!! Ahuh!
  10. I jus hope dat u miss me wen im gone..... 
  11. Lil Wayne ruined the song
  12. Tune <3
  13. Wiz khalifa brought me here.
  14. I said tell meeeeee what's really going on? 
  15. I love the beat to this song
  16. Favorite song!
  17. cant believe this came out 4 years ago, feels like yesterday it came out. Im getting old -_-
  18. awesome instru
  19. Back when DRAKE really stood for Do Right And Kill Everything!!!! He's fallen off......
  20. Modern-day literary genius!
  21. sis your last name r u with us ?
  22. You make me feel so much better when i listen to your music Drake <3
  23. wish wayne was like this these days
  24. love what he said bout nicki minaj ;)
  25. What about dj