Drake - Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne

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Music video by Drake performing Miss Me. (C) 2010 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

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  5. Drake is cool.
  6. lil wayne is a bad rapper. what is he good at?
  7. 'Weezy f baby and the f is is for phenomenal' phenomenal starts with a P o.O
  8. Drake The Type of nigga to confess his love for Nicki Minaj and still ain't get the booty 
  9. Thank Me Later was probably the last time we saw '06 drizzy being kind of like himself. Take Care and NWTS were great dont get me wrong, but way too appealing to his record label, the radio, and all of these stupid women groupies that like him because hes hot and nothing else. Props to real '06 followers, not stupid 2011 take care people.
  10. I jus hope dat u miss me wen im gone..... 
  11. Just keep being who you are when you try to be like everybody else you can't think for yourself because you're just going to be a groupy for the rest of your life. See what i'm saying is that when you do that thats telling yourself i'm independent and i don't need anybody's approval to do something that i want to do. Comment if you agree with me.
  12. "Young Dro - FDB" freestyle on my page. Not even tryna be famous. Just love music. 
  13. Lil Wayne ruined the song
  14. #WakeDatAssUp 
  15. "its blood gang slob but i partied with snoop". so he says slob then says su-wu like "soowoo". proof hes a fake gangsta.
  16. Nice, Aubrey Drake Graham
  17. You See This Right Here!!! :) Every word! 
  18. Thank Me Later is still his best album.
  19. Specktators is better
  20. If one advances confidently in the direction of one's dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
  21. Hex - Debut Single - Feel The Vibe this lil' rapper really looks up to Drake, and he made up this rap (freestyled it in recording), and made the hook... Give this talented guy some recognition would ya? :P
  22. I think you caught me in a moment!!! Ahuh!
  23. Oh no. Not another Lil Wayne. D:<
  24. stop hatin on lil wayne people he just makin his money like he can 
  25. Tune <3