Drake - Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne

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Music video by Drake performing Miss Me. (C) 2010 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

  1. Have you played GTA San Andreas? Remember OG Loc? The stupid 'ganster' raper? Well...here is Lil Wayne.
  2. such a dope song. love the beat, stuck in my head. this video is sick i got this on replay. I'm getting known quickly because i rap with meaning.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a shit and the water splashes your balls
  3. Anyone have any idea of the meaning of Lil' Wayne not physically being in the video? That really interested me for some reason.
  4. at 3:16 lil wayne part was funny.great song favorite part was lil wayne and drakes part
  5. Do Right And Kill Everything
  6. Fucking hell this reminds me of them late night summers not too long ago
  7. The old drake was better,now his songs all sound the same.The only way songs became popular because his gay ass singing and ain't saying shit that's good trying to fuck nicki's fake and talk about her who gives a fuck about Nicki Minaj all she does is talk about her ass(which is fake af)and all she got was plastic surgery.
  8. Oldie but lovin this song right now
  9. I hope you miss me when i'm gone......
  10. Summer 2010 & high school senior year memories 😌. I'm just mad at the fact everybody is getting hyped to this song because of the Tyga beef 
  11. call up king of diamonds and tell china it'd be worth the flight .... damn just realized that was about blac chyna
  12. 2014 and i'm still here... AWESOME!
  13. The little song in the beginning they use it in RIHANNAS SONG VIDEO DIAMOND.
  14. the instrumental comes from afar....
  15. Drake ft. Lil Wayne "Miss Me" Thank Me Later
  16. X C$c Productions.ink/Jessica Sheree Cagle/Misenheimer vs. X Cash Money Records , Inc X DuWayne Micheal Carter, III
  17. who remembers bumpin this when the album dropped.. seems like a long time ago even tho it wasn't.. 
  18. Call up King Of Diamonds And Tell Chyna It'd Be Worth The Flight..
  19. "I'm not that thuggish & I'm not that ruggish but I do pack bone." Mystikal said it first..
  20. I hate the Drake. Chris Brown The King.
  21. #_Voice_Baratone__Deepthroat #_They_Were_Battling_On_That_Song_And_Drake_Got_Whipped_By_Wayne
  22. I miss this Drake.
  23. Like if the tyga, drake and minaj beef brought u here 
  24. when drake was good hahha now he's shit haha