Drive-Thru Pranks

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To all the people concered about this vid, EVERY ONE of these people found it funny afterwards. And besides, if they didn't...I'm sure they would recover from me wasting 45 seconds of their whole entire day:) Moral of the story...Lighten Up!!

  1. So fuckin dumb. The more I watch this ass the more I realize he's a douche. 
  2. What the hell did i just watch?
  3. oh wouldya look at that!!
  4. +ScarLovesU!! Toarah 4Ever! I died laughing xD
  5. its a joke, get over it
  6. how does he not laugh
  7. Damn People, it's just a freaking joke!!! A lot of them were laughing... They work all the day and this guy is giving them a good moment and giving us a good moment. 
  8. 1:08 IS THAT A DUDE ???????????????
  9. How did this get 15 mil views, seriously?
  10. I hope they spit in your food. Dipshit. 
  11. I love how the people that he is pranking are to stupid to realize that he is playing a prank and actually think that he has a mental disability xD shows you how dumb the people are that work at drive throughs.
  12. despite prank, this is really not good. 
  13. that was so funny !
  14. @aligncars10000 don't share and if you spend your time commenting on videos just pointing out their flaws and mistakes now that's A SAD LIFE!
  15. wow thats rasist
  16. I think people are forgetting that this was uploaded more than 5 years ago, before drive through pranks on youtube really gained popularity. Now, it's more competitive, and people are thinking up better ideas. Here, he's just screwing around and having fun.
  17. U get one chance to be funny
  19. Boooooooooooo
  20. freakin awesome...babababab dangabadabg..
  21. Not funny
  22. Wow, what a sad life you must live. You really had nothing better to do with your time?
  23. Holy fricken shit!!! I watched this video like probably 2 or 3 years ago and was just dying laughing then I find out who edbassmaster is through PVP and then I am searching for this video again, find it, and c that it's edbassmaster that's FUCKING AMAZING!!!
  24. Fast food restaurants have to come up with a "reacting to an idiot" procedure, just in case...
  25. I wonder if they actually had free muffins...
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