Drive-Thru Pranks

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To all the people concered about this vid, EVERY ONE of these people found it funny afterwards. And besides, if they didn't...I'm sure they would recover from me wasting 45 seconds of their whole entire day:) Moral of the story...Lighten Up!!

  1. wow that guy didn't let him get... what an asshole.
  2. this is kinda mean i hope there manager dident get mad because of the drive thru time 0.o
  3. how did he get 15 million views and there is only 1 person in the world… me
  4. lmao!!
  5. Would you look at it?
  6. How did this get 15 mil views, seriously?
  7. Bro i dont get how you dont laugh, i tell a lie and at the same time im laughing. Congrats!!! You earned a sub here.
  8. ''For many times per cheesy for taco'' -Ed
  9. i really love ths vid. ^_^
  10. What the hell did i just watch?
  11. Anyone else in tears by Blue Moon?
  12. thats so cringy, god
  13. oh wouldya look at that!!
  14. when I am having a bad day, I just watch Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba.... I immediately start crying because I am laughing so hard and my day gets better.
  15. I wish someone could prank me in the drive thru! It would make my job more interesting lol! 
  16. the guy at 3:06 probably smoked before he got to work and was high as shit thinking WTF!?
  17. d d d ding dang dong
  18. "No, because I ask many times ..." This is absolutely hilarious! I laugh my ass off every time he asks for his tacos with the 'parcheesi'. This really isn't an acquired taste, either you get it or you don't. For those of you that don't get it, move along. 
  19. Damn People, it's just a freaking joke!!! A lot of them were laughing... They work all the day and this guy is giving them a good moment and giving us a good moment. 
  20. You earned a sub
  21. ok this one made me spit out while laughing. Edbassmaster must be such fun to be around.
  22. sick fuck lmmfao
  23. Hahahahahaha lemme get......... And lemme get..........
  24. its a joke, get over it
  25. You are a bad boy, Ed Bass Master...ROFLOL!
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