Drive-Thru Pranks

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To all the people concered about this vid, EVERY ONE of these people found it funny afterwards. And besides, if they didn't...I'm sure they would recover from me wasting 45 seconds of their whole entire day:) Moral of the story...Lighten Up!!

  1. A good case for a hot cup of coffee in the face!
  2. I love how the people that he is pranking are to stupid to realize that he is playing a prank and actually think that he has a mental disability xD shows you how dumb the people are that work at drive throughs.
  3. Wow, what a sad life you must live. You really had nothing better to do with your time?
  4. How did this get 15 mil views, seriously?
  5. The slap to the head had me rolling lol
  6. I remember this! Good memories with family!
  7. Boo
  8. I can't even believe the amount of dislikes on this video.
  9. this is lame
  10. This was so funny when I saw it at first
  11. Lol
  12. I really wanted to ask something,Don't you guys get sued for doing pranks on them and irritate them.It is fun watching though.
  13. He didn't act like immigrant you idiot ↓ 
  15. thats not a prank, thats irritating.
  16. not funny at all
  17. you should've spoke fluent english after that part where you acted like a new immigrant lol
  18. Best vid of life xD
  20. so this is how you get a free muffin lol
  21. The dude at 1:14 looks like he could be keenan's brother!
  22. Made my Night❤️❤️❤️
  23. LMFAO!
  24. Stupid and annoying
  25. funny
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