Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime

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Ella Fitzgerald Live at Mr. Kelly's - 1958

  1. when I listen to the quality of this recording, it truly sickens me to the core how bad modern music sounds in comparison.
  2. 3:25 What does shi talking about? I can't translate. Do any body spell it by letters, please?
  3. 2:10 <3
  4. The legend !
  5. gah, so perfect...
  6. Perfect Pitch... impeccable voice..
  7. Saw her on my first date with my soon to be wife. It was at Radio City Music Hall in 1978. Ella was one heck of a talent.
  8. Oh Ella Fitzgerald, I wish I could sing half as well as you do....what a beautiful soul. <3
  9. ohh <3 i love this song <3 
  10. Queen queen queen!!! Vivat Regina!
  11. aewsome..
  12. no offence to her but when she sings it tortures me
  13. so jazzy
  14. with headache today, feel much better now...
  15. Awesome pictures!
  16. G++d Night, My G++d Friends!
  18. Happy Birthday Ella Fitzgerald, "First Lady of Song"
  19. Ella Fitzgerald was born on this date in 1917 in beautiful Newport News, Virginia. Here she is in a live recording from 1958. The Lady surely did swing.
  20. nr. 13
  22. Love this one
  23. and the livin' is easy? ..
  24. Ah, the perfection. Here it is.
  25. *Happy Birthday Ella*