Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime

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Ella Fitzgerald Live at Mr. Kelly's - 1958

  1. It's too bad Gershwin died too young and never got to hear this. For how big jazz was to him and influenced his music, something tells me he would have adored this rendition, especially with Ella lending her unmatched voice to it.
  2. She had such a sweet voice, so unique XX
  3. Que linda voz y hermosa interpretación dela gran Ella Fitzgerald.
  4. Ella ha sido siempre la voz del Jazz Americano.
  5. She captures the Languid feel of summer
  6. *Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime* #music #goodmusic Ella Fitzgerald Live at Mr. Kelly's - 1958
  7. Maravilhosa, linda, perfeita! A rainha do Jazz de todos os tempos!
  8. Notte G+
  9. *Have a lovely afternoon my friends :o))* *Hugs and a big smile to you <3<3<3* *Summertime.... Ella Fitzgerald* Ps. if you listen to it , the second part is the best, the jazzy part, and she is funny too :o)) 
  10. vot eto eargasm 
  11. Those 58 voters must defenetly hate summer XD and everything ID This song- sang this way is absolutely astonishing! Thanks a lot*******
  12. Saw her on my first date with my soon to be wife. It was at Radio City Music Hall in 1978. Ella was one heck of a talent.
  13. So much soul, heart, class... This version is unique, Ella Fitzgerald is unique.
  14. que belleza , música para pensar y disfrutar.ella fitzgerald por siempre.
  15. today is Ella Fitzgerald's 96 birthday <3
  16. I love her style and beautiful voice xoxoxo =) RIP Ella xoxoxo
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  18. HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! Ella Fitzgerald
  19. ouah sa me rappelle l année dernière quand je l es étudier en musique AH OUI bonne anniversaire ella fitgerald même si tu est morte déjà =(
  20. I love it when she starts to talk middle in the song! :D Oh and it is a really good song!
  21. GODESS <3
  22. can we all work together to preserve real music and singing like this? i hope so. Today's kind of crap is killing many people.
  23. que voz!
  24. She died in 1996.