"Empire State of Mind" JAY Z | Alicia Keys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  1. 0:59 wet dreams tomato? lmao
  2. OMG I love this song, the first time that I listen is from Men and Black.
  3. ★
  4. How does this have that many views if there's only 700000 people In the world?
  5. Where's the lil mama cameo
  6. Every pop artist has that one song... This one is Jay z's 
  7. I love cities like NY, gives me a very special feeling like you are part of something huge and full of secrets... I hope I'll visit NY one day
  9. Driving home most beautiful sunset.. the cities lights are going on bumping this song on my car.. Sick!!! I wish I could of taken a pic
  10. NY best hood on planet
  11. "Empire State of Mind" JAY Z | Alicia Keys 
  12. i just notice that jay-z has some big ass lips
  13. I love you
  14. Jay-Z & Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind
  15. during the end i coul;dnt u nderstand his ghetto
  16. gosu <3
  17. For some reason this song makes me emotional. Thumbs Up if it does the same to you !!!
  18. Chicago > NYC
  19. cool video throwback sunday 
  20. Why don t i live in new york wait i know why because i don t have a passpot yet but if i could i would.
  21. de arrepiar
  22. this song is the reason why the yankees won the world series in 2009
  23. I loved NYC as much as I loved this song! Beautiful, awesome both of them!