[ENG SUB MV] G-Dragon - She's Gone (from 'Shine A Light' DVD) (HD)

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#[ENG SUB MV] G-Dragon - She's Gone (from 'Shine A Light' DVD) (HD)

  1. it's perfect in EVERY-FUCKI*G-WAY in EVERY, EVERY detail
  2. This was my first GD video haha
  3. He's all imma walk cuz bitches be tripping and imma catch her without breaking a sweat and damn gotta look all sexy killing someone -_- that's bad haha
  4. wtf gd how are you still hot while killing someone
  5. The last two verses hella freaked me out..... 
  6. How come this isn't on an official channel?
  7. like this song as well !!
  8. Um this is twisted
  9. holy..... best. mv. ever.
  10. If you watch this MV backwards it's about a guy who brings a girl back to life with a knife then they run a backwards marathon and then GD lights up a victory cigarette...
  11. This video, totally turns me on. Lol. His smirking, the deep eyes that seem to look right at me through the screen.. Love it. G-Dragon is as much of a tempter as a truly sweetheart. Love you, forever ~<3
  12. In here GD's like one of those demented stalkers that goes all psycho (well, more than before) after the girl R-E-J-E-C-T-S him...it's creepy...but hot...
  13. this sexy as hell!! omg i was like on the edge like woa is he gonna kill her omg GD got that SWAGGA !! :D love him! <3
  14. i had 2 say this but Jiyong Oppa even makes a murder scene look dreamy and cool. <3 <3 <3
  15. I love how fake the blood is :D .... No, seriously, the ketchup blood is a little bit disappointing, but I do love this video and I do love this song.
  16. I think she is running the wrong way?
  17. fine!! kill me GD .. <3 but everytime i hear your voice and see your face.. *died*
  18. I wouldn't say so. I think he was just overwhelmed at what he did. I mean if you murdered someone like that... how would you feel. LOL.
  19. It looks like an ascot.
  20. first time it's actually okay to love the bad guy in the scary movie/drama. or in this case, mv. :D
  21. I agree, the only thing he can't do is clone himself and marry all his fans....pity
  22. I LOVE THIS. GD is so sexy in this. SHOW UR SWAG
  23. I think TOP is singing 'She's Gone, yeah!"
  24. at 2:57 i almost had a heart attack o.O
  25. if u want to know,gd is an actor went he was young!