Eptic - Like A Boss

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Available to buy now: http://ukf.me/Wv9huL Buy the EP and special edition fan packs at http://bit.ly/zAwPnb Belgium wunderkind Eptic joins the big boys and releases his debut EP for Never Say Die. This is a coming of age release for the 18 year old and his EP will ignite any dancefloor/schoolyard as has been proved by the lucky sods who have had them for the past few months -(Dillon Francis, Flux Pavilion, Cookie Monsta and SKisM are just a handful of such sods.) Follow on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/epticdubstep Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EPTICDUBSTEP Follow on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wewillneversaydie Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wenever_say_die http://www.facebook.com/ukfdubstep http://www.ukfmusic.com http://www.twitter.com/UKFLuke http://www.twitter.com/UKF

  1. U hear dubstep IHEAR A SUPERMARIO MOMONTAGE!!!!!
  2. BASS LIKE A B 0:55
  3. Yesh! Like a boss...
  4. I honestly feel like they could use this song for the pink panther lmao.
  5. Dupstep is a drug, a powerfull drug
  6. A song with "Eptic" (part of my username) and "Like a boss in it" (which I constantly say)..... what an awesome coincidence lol
  7. lyrics: gay gayyy gaaaaayyyy haa gayyyyy gyagyagyaygay push it
  8. so much bass O.o
  9. #dubstep 
  10. Hey it's my theme song
  11. Good dup Iziiiiii! 
  12. Motion !
  13. jacksEPTICeye Like A boss!!! 
  14. the intro lets me think about bugs bunny on game boy
  15. 0:55 sounds like a dalek XD
  16. Mind blow 💥
  17. Who else heard morgan freeman
  18. Awesome bass
  19. Pretty cool dupstep eptic
  20. ┏[OwO]┓
  21. Drop it like a B0:55
  22. 8 bit hero!
  23. Like a boss B-) B| !!!
  24. Like A B0:55
  25. SUPER EPIC !!!!