equipment disasters

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stuck equipment

  1. how the hell does 0:57 happen??? O_o
  2. #Grävare
  3. What's with the escavader come on no train car truck these people are dum 
  4. Well safe comments. you've again fucked me. You FUCKED ME. Because i cant click the link that takes me to 1:00. And for that, I say.. Fuck you google, and fuck you youtube. t(v.v)t (First world, lazy people problems)
  5. 1:26 just a rental
  6. At 1:00 on the beach looks like the one that happen between Avolon and Sea Isle NJ if so they had a bitch getting that out .I say about a month.
  7. mud and heavy equipment is a bad mix
  8. Do not watch if you don't like to see expensive equipment getting destroyed!
  9. hey buddy its not like that its google images=pictures youtube = slideshow of^^
  10. Thanks for all the (boring) photos
  11. who sings the song?
  12. the ad at the beggining was about building the future with equipment that we build. Ironic much?
  13. yip there's you're problem
  14. This is what all land rapers deserve!
  15. Well now I know cats don't like water
  16. Why is this song on all the rock stations? Seems more like a light FM song.
  17. i think there should be a photo tube for dumb asses like you
  18. Kj
  19. Welp *passes shovel* have fun digging out the excavator, dumb ass
  20. photos = boring
  21. at 0:59 is tht all thts left of the trackhoe
  22. Looks like disasters to me!
  23. 0:52 that's how after war is going to look like in 25 years :P
  24. LOL most random song and video combo ever xD
  25. 0:56 fake