equipment disasters

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stuck equipment

  1. Idjits obviously attracted to heavy machinery.
  2. how the hell does 0:57 happen??? O_o
  3. Fail
  4. haveing a bad 
  5. i feel bad for those things!!!
  6. cool
  7. Gckjgmhkujgvhb,uhhugyubkmjvhrjghjf 
  8. Do people post videos on here so they can play their garage band music to an internet audience of one person at a time?
  9. Well...this is GREAT!!! Love the Background Music too Dude!
  10. 2:41 right by my house HAHA! Everett, wa.
  11. Perfect song for broke hoes.
  12. What does this song have to do with this video?
  13. This is Youtube, not a Powerpoint presentation. Get some real content FFS.
  14. So sick of these slideshows, youtube needs to make some label that says SLIDESHOW. Most of these all have the same rehashed stuck in the mud photos. 
  15. I wonder how many commenters have said: "Like to see ya dig yer self outta that one" out of the 1300 comments already?
  16. que bonito son todo estos vídeos de maquinaria pesada gracias porque así aprendemos a tener precaución?
  17. The Hitachi with its bucket in the air makes me laugh! Help me help me anyone can see my orange arm in the air help me!!!!LOL
  18. Why was he even in the water when it was 0:57
  19. What's with the escavader come on no train car truck these people are dum 
  20. I guess that's why Land Clearing Equipment Rental Companies require insurance. Experienced Excavation Operators are hard to come by.
  21. What is wrong with these people. 
  22. Most of this stuff is about people who are still learning in the industry and do not take appropriate measures to ensure they don't get into these situations in the first place! I know! Happened to me a few times in my early years!
  23. i have got stuck in a excavator 
  24. man..... poor excavator drivers!