equipment disasters

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stuck equipment

  1. Well I don't feel so bad now !
  2. How much money will it cost, how long will it take to fix, how many people are going to be inconvenienced and possibly lives put at greater risk because of that "accident" at .40? Just unbelievable. 
  3. the good thing about track vehicles is ,they can go anywhere , the bad thing about track vehicles is , they can go anywhere
  4. how the hell does 0:57 happen??? O_o
  5. Wonder how many of those operators got fired?
  6. So many stupid people
  7. equipment rental. Nice 1 !
  8. Youtube is NOT about PICTURES!!!!
  9. What an moronic song to go with this video.
  10. Do people post videos on here so they can play their garage band music to an internet audience of one person at a time?
  11. I thought only farmers have disasters
  12. another stupid slideshow on this video platform
  13. How can you put a homo fucking song like this with earth moving equipment 
  14. why 15M hits? suck music, stupid slide show... dislike.
  15. Idjits obviously attracted to heavy machinery.
  16. bad at driveing
  17. Увлекся.
  18. Damn!!! Please, enough of the fucking-"music"...........!!!
  20. Gckjgmhkujgvhb,uhhugyubkmjvhrjghjf 
  21. i feel bad for those things!!!
  22. So sick of these slideshows, youtube needs to make some label that says SLIDESHOW. Most of these all have the same rehashed stuck in the mud photos. 
  23. 2:41 right by my house HAHA! Everett, wa.