equipment disasters

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stuck equipment

  1. and 80% are from catepillar
  2. Youtube is NOT about PICTURES!!!!
  3. So many stupid people
  4. equipment rental. Nice 1 !
  5. there's your problem...
  6. You've got to love the idiots that put a smile on your face due to their stupidity 
  7. Have to dig it out with another
  8. How much money will it cost, how long will it take to fix, how many people are going to be inconvenienced and possibly lives put at greater risk because of that "accident" at .40? Just unbelievable. 
  9. Idjits obviously attracted to heavy machinery.
  10. Perfect song for broke hoes.
  11. T yovghhn of things Torres see your liferqqq
  12. Well I don't feel so bad now !
  13. What song
  14. another stupid slideshow on this video platform
  15. Gckjgmhkujgvhb,uhhugyubkmjvhrjghjf 
  16. Thats funny,
  17. 211o M
  18. La gadoue, la gadoue ! (the mud, the mud ? Trying to translate :-))
  19. LOL 1:25 equipment rental
  20. Roses are Red Violets are blue Youtube is for videos This one should be too.
  21. how the hell does 0:57 happen??? O_o
  22. Wonder how many of those operators got fired?
  23. What an moronic song to go with this video.
  24. Увлекся.