Everyday Normal Guy

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A rap song by comedian Jon Lajoie. For the free MP3 visit www.jonlajoie.com

  1. ha thats halarious this is funy i own 4 cars i have 3 dogs labs pure bread and i have a good job i go to college as a graphic designer masters degree i earn about 25000 a month i have had sex but not with a hooker and i get 3 new girl friends like every week because i am picky dont judge me i cant find love.... :'C
  2. Was watching The League last night. Recognised this guy.
  3. One if my favorite songs 
  4. I'm pretty sure that your monthly constipation is not a 'every day normal guy' symptom...
  5. After almost 7 years I realize that I have become just like the character in this video.
  6. For those with long lasting back problems, read this book, can't recommend it enough: http://www.amazon.com/The-Mindbody-Prescription-Healing-Body/dp/0446675156
  7. Sorry black people but this is real rap ! Screw your bling bling bullshit
  8. Regular everyday normal guy, I kill gnomes everyday motherfuckah! Everyday Normal Guy
  9. 3:17
  10. Most viewed 240p video on youtube.
  11. +TheFineBros teens react to :Jon LaJoie??
  12. 3760 people aren't that good at making paper planes.
  13. Wow, 2007.
  14. My back gets pretty sore!
  15. last time I had sex was in 2003 and it wasn't free lol 
  16. I'm the Paulie shore of everyday life hahaha genius 
  17. 31 mil views how?!?!
  18. Strange how I always think of my ex-boss Rodney when I hear this!!! He also has the Pauly Shore thing going on!
  19. You want some of this, bitch?
  20. You are a fuckin' genius man! ^^
  21. cant put my hands up, cause I hurt my back motherfucker
  22. And i'm pretty good at making paper planes, motherfucker!
  23. I make pretty good spaghetti sauce MOTHER FUCKER!!!! X-D
  24. An unnerving amount of this relates to me too (haven't paid a hooker though)
  25. You said it Scoutex Mercer..