Everyday Normal Guy

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A rap song by comedian Jon Lajoie. For the free MP3 visit www.jonlajoie.com

  1. Taco
  2. After almost 7 years I realize that I have become just like the character in this video.
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  5. Sorry black people but this is real rap ! Screw your bling bling bullshit
  6. ha thats halarious this is funy i own 4 cars i have 3 dogs labs pure bread and i have a good job i go to college as a graphic designer masters degree i earn about 25000 a month i have had sex but not with a hooker and i get 3 new girl friends like every week because i am picky dont judge me i cant find love.... :'C
  7. What city do you live in?
  8. And this is real artist, becouse he have a message :P
  9. Yeah I do want some of that BITCH! lol Funny as hell.
  10. This was advise
  11. hahahaha,fucking brilliant 
  12. That sex joke just gets better as the years go by!
  13. Was watching The League last night. Recognised this guy.
  14. Congrats on "Let's be Cops", Jon!!
  15. One if my favorite songs 
  16. I'm pretty sure that your monthly constipation is not a 'every day normal guy' symptom...
  17. You are a fuckin' genius man! ^^
  18. and at the same time he's very super famous
  19. Wish i had sex so often.
  20. A new study from Czech actually supports that a face can be stupid. No joke. - Everyday normal guy!
  21. i was 7 when this was uploaded 
  22. 02:06
  23. your not a everyday normal guy. your FUCKING mc vagina.
  24. Honestly listening to this, compared to now a days rap music..... this is fucking like 2pac level epic... no lie.. LOL.. like, this song is so honest and true and simple.. simple beat.. all the bars rhyme, very funny as well
  25. He last had sex in 2003. Poor guy, it's been 11 years.