Everyday Normal Guy

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A rap song by comedian Jon Lajoie. For the free MP3 visit www.jonlajoie.com

  1. After almost 7 years I realize that I have become just like the character in this video.
  2. For those with long lasting back problems, read this book, can't recommend it enough: http://www.amazon.com/The-Mindbody-Prescription-Healing-Body/dp/0446675156
  3. He last had sex in 2003. Poor guy, it's been 11 years.
  4. Even if this is made for laughs, i feel sad about the mediocrity he speaks about...this is a motivational for me.
  5. Ahhh 240p good ol' times
  6. Holy Crap! I remember being subscribed to Jon when he's just had about 30,000 subs
  7. He make like 3300$ months,and that is like NOT rich? :D
  8. Sorry black people but this is real rap ! Screw your bling bling bullshit
  9. A new study from Czech actually supports that a face can be stupid. No joke. - Everyday normal guy!
  10. Ya want some of this bitch? .... LMAO!! Oh John, I love you honey.
  11. I heard that this song describes America; the story of his life, rather. Lmao!~
  12. You are a fuckin' genius man! ^^
  13. When i watched this video it was 2008. I remember youtube didnt suck balls back then
  14. Yo, my sexual performance s are average mother F***er !
  15. i know people who don't like jon lajoie. i accept it though i don't understand it at all. he is really an idea creator and a great presenter-performer. i know his videos for some time and i still love to return here from time to time. still feel he's got a lot. there is a funny part and a part where you have to think. and got to realize he really does see things.
  16. RESPECT!
  17. I jack it twice a day, motha fucka.
  18. man after my own bank account <3
  19. NSFW If you got a pet cat, put your hands up!
  20. This is me!!!
  21. I can't stop laughing! 
  23. I´ve been MC in a rap crew for 8 years and this track is actually really great, even perceived from my perspective. Hip Hop used to be about developing one´s own style, which stood out from the other people´s stuff and this one track here is ironically pretty unique considering its lyrics.
  24. Seriously... is getting constipated once a month (muthafucka) normal? I was constipated like once in my entire life... so far (muthafucka).
  25. Steve is funny as fuck man.