Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' (Official Video)

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Subscribe for more: http://po.st/SUBSCRIBE Download the 'The Evolution Of Man' (Out Now): iTunes: http://bit.ly/EVOLUTION-MAN HMV: http://bit.ly/evolution-man-hmvcd Play: http://bit.ly/evolution-man-playcd Amazon: http://bit.ly/evolution-man-amazoncd 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' is the first single from Example's incredible new album 'Playing In The Shadows' and premiered on BBC Radio 1 as Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record In The World' on 24th March 2011. 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' is out now on Ministry of Sound Recordings. http://trythisforexample.com http://facebook.com/leadingbyexample http://twitter.com/example http://soundcloud.com/example http://instagram.com/exampstagram http://plus.google.com/+leadingbyexample/

  1. nightcore brings the most of us here xD
  2. Ελληνες Ειναι?
  4. http://vbox7.com/play:3d504e475c
  5. Following the legacy
  6. what is type name of this genre?
  7. is he a british guy?
  8. What's up with example always making videos in the restroom washing his face ._.
  9. You really change the way you do this ... *Really Love This Kind Of....EXAMPLE....Of....Change....*
  10. What does example actually do? He's not really a singer or a rapper and most of his tunes are produced by other people....50 million views for someone thats at best average in every aspect.
  11. amikor kijott nagyon birtam, az igazan epic resz a masodik drop, 2:20-tol... imadom!
  12. Big T ;)
  13. I gave this comment before but it was deleted.. dont know why.. All I said in my previous comment was that the lyrics doesnt make sense when he is singing: "Now u gonna miss me coz uve changed the way u kiss me" Well if she has changed the way she kisses him it means that she doesnt love him anymore so she wont miss him if they split out... only he will...
  14. Biće ludo na Jazu!!! :D Idemooo breeeee :)))
  15. #listening 
  16. Swedish house mafia brought me here
  18. Forever mirin
  19. This is fight music right here 
  20. ΖΥΖΖ
  21. just so `cool`
  22. Classic shit
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