Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' (Official Video)

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Download Example's new single 'Perfect Replacement' on iTunes (Out Now): http://www.smarturl.it/PERFECTREPLACEMENT For more Click Subscribe : http://bit.ly/MoStv Download the new album 'The Evolution Of Man' (Out Now): iTunes: http://bit.ly/EVOLUTION-MAN HMV: http://bit.ly/evolution-man-hmvcd Play: http://bit.ly/evolution-man-playcd Amazon: http://bit.ly/evolution-man-amazoncd 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' is the first single from Example's incredible new album 'Playing In The Shadows' and premiered on BBC Radio 1 as Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record In The World' on 24th March 2011. 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' is out now on Ministry of Sound Recordings. http://trythisforexample.com http://facebook.com/leadingbyexample http://twitter.com/example http://soundcloud.com/example http://instagram.com/exampstagram http://plus.google.com/+leadingbyexample/

  1. Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me <3<3<3
  2. Example-fied <3 :)
  3. Changed the way you kiss me
  4. Classic tune from our 'Celeb of the Week' Example!
  5. Hi, we are 'AzeR Dreaming' an emerging EDM duo from Hungary. We really love making music, and we want to make more out of it. Everyone famous once started out small, and we are small now. Currently we are reaching over 9.600 subscribers, and of course we want more people to join us. Otherwise we have a new song called 'Dream Planet'. Download it for free if you want! More songs are coming, because we're already working hard on new tracks as well.
  6. Following the legacy
  7. What does example actually do? He's not really a singer or a rapper and most of his tunes are produced by other people....50 million views for someone thats at best average in every aspect.
  8. Zyzz
  9. Blast from the past, Damn if it aint still catchy <3
  10. Hey guys. I'm a shitty producer. Check me out
  11. +AzeR Dreaming Official I have seen you on yet another video I love. The fuck?? 0.o
  12. awsome song :D
  13. actually the dubstep remixes are pretty nice too
  14. Zyzz Brah FUAAAAAAAAARK' !!
  17. free resume button 0:00
  18. S E R B I A !!!
  19. Rip Zyzz :'(
  20. Not me, I'm listening to this on my iStone
  21. Momcilo WTF are u about Serbia f**k Serbia u little c**t
  22. i hate my life
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