Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' (Official Video)

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  1. Terrible...
  2. All suggestions for this video are mainstream shit. 
  4. αχχ παρα πολυ ωραιο....
  5. lets start a lyric chain I've never been afraid of the highest heights......
  6. nightcore brings the most of us here xD
  7. Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' (Official…: http://youtu.be/CLXt3yh2g0s
  8. I was brought here by a Diabolik Lovers video that was with this song. :3
  9. Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me
  10. Ελληνες Ειναι?
  12. http://vbox7.com/play:3d504e475c
  13. disgustingg
  14. Following the legacy
  15. what is type name of this genre?
  16. is he a british guy?
  17. What's up with example always making videos in the restroom washing his face ._.
  18. You really change the way you do this ... *Really Love This Kind Of....EXAMPLE....Of....Change....*
  19. Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' (Official…: http://youtu.be/CLXt3yh2g0s
  20. Horrific.