(Extreme) More Than Words - Sungha Jung

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Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at http://www.sunghajung.com Sungha http://www.sunghajung.com plays 'More than Words' arranged by Michael Chapdelaine. (He had fun playing it for two days.) Sungha Jung's All CD http://www.sunghajung.com Sungha Jung's Album Itunes Perfect Blue Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/perfect-blue/id433673090 Irony Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/irony/id475934625 The Duets Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-duets-deluxe-edition/id586868316 Paint It Acoustic Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/paint-it-acoustic-deluxe-edition/id634252898

  1. I can do this. Hold my beer.
  2. My future child will be getting a guitar on their 3rd birthday lol
  3. Shunga play too good! only with this age! WOW! , i'm trying to start touching acoustic guitar :3 he inspire me :3 (sorry for my bad english) im Brazilian ;-;
  4. this is not real,there's a tape behind the recorder. hehehehehe
  5. He can make people cry.. I love him.. Sungha Jung hwaiting...
  6. о как красиво и похоже я первий из Украини кто ето заметил
  7. Los chinos saben todo y hacen todo B)
  8. 헐.....헐...완전어린데(귀여운데) 완전잘치는거잖아... 아 눈물..
  9. Must be the Kimchii he eats 3 times a day that makes him so good!
  10. this is the whole reason why youtube exists
  11. dang it. When I look up Sungha's video, I always think, "This is the last one. I'm gonna study after this one." But I always can't.
  12. That's awesome I thought I was good but I suck compared to you
  13. What a God-given talent!!
  14. Damn, were you even born when this song came out?..."YOUR AWESOME BRO"!!!!!!
  15. Очень красиво 
  16. (Extreme) More Than Words - Sungha Jung: http://youtu.be/1xRARmrorGU
  18. cute finger style
  19. that ending... what a beast.
  20. i think your guitar here is much sound better than you used now,
  21. OMG I think he's talented since last time .. No wonder he's popular now 
  22. 7 years old @@
  23. Musical angels do exist!!! This is unreal!!!!
  24. This guys a stud.... Playing the rhythm and the melody at the same time. Props
  25. WOOAAHHH !!!