Für Elise (Piano version)

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  1. Dear friends, please make sure to enjoy this great video: Mozart - Alla Turca - Turkish March (60 Minutes Version)
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  3. Dear friends, please like my new Facebook Fan Page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ludwig-van-Beethoven/314734288705852
  4. bethoven war aus österreich
  5. Beethoven was lucky to be deaf and died earlier, he was spared to hear all the bullshit of today's music.
  6. 1810 Ludwig van Beethoven
  7. Why do people feel the need to write down their age, personal existence and musical opinion?
  8. How 14 million views when only 2 million people on earth?
  9. Did beethiven upload this himself or does he have somebody running his channel?.. ;)
  10. I don't know, but something about this piece makes my heart race :) I love it.
  11. I bet all the girls around the world called Elise just had a mini orgasim :D lol
  12. Is it odd that I can whistle almost this whole song perfectly?
  13. Most girls my age listen to One Direction. I'm here, at night listening to Beethoven.
  14. If you think its time to f***ing rock, and f***ing roll, out of control, and then you know you got to rock the block, and f***ing suck my f***ing c*ck, 'cause when you rule, you f***ing school all of the fools, out of their jewels, 'cause if you think it's time, if you think it's time, if you think it's time to f***ing rock.
  15. I am never going to be able to play it this fast :o
  16. Why would people dislike this? 
  17. what a classic!
  18. who the fuck are these 1k people..... I think they dont have any music sense at all....
  19. @Hardihood are you that stupid there are at least 100 billion people on earth or more
  20. beethoven is fuck
  21. I've listened to classical music and symphonies my whole life. I never listened to my generation of music. Backstreet boys, insync, an Brittany spears.
  22. Why is this piece so popular it's easy and it's not even very beautiful. 
  23. can someone tell me the title of this piece? not sure if this is Beethoven's. thanks! http://www.4shared.com/mp3/2f-gqOu7ce/song.html
  24. Whew I think I'm playing to slow in some parts xD
  25. I don't know what it is about this song but it is absolutely enchanting, bewitching, timeless.....I always hear the ice cream trucks in my neighborhood playing this song lol.