Fender 52 Vintage Hot rod Telecaster - Jason Hobbs

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this is a demo of my 52 vintage hot rod telecaster

  1. Nice~~ sounds great~~!!!!
  2. What's this guy doing? I own this guitar and it plays itself! It is just that good!
  3. great sound!! la hot rod 52 est superbe!!
  4. Awesome playing! Make another one changing pickups showing all this beauty tones! Best wishes.
  5. Great playing......as usual.
  6. this is the grandpa of the electric guitars
  7. Sounds awesome dude!
  8. totally agree . perhaps an esquire would do the humbucker is key to this guitar - had mine for 6 years still my favorite
  9. you're a great guitar player !
  10. what pedals are using
  11. Great sounding Tele work! Love the tone as well. You have some great videos and talent. Thanks for taking the time to post. PS: 2 dislikes???? What is there to dislike, awesome guitar work.
  12. como ele consegui esse timbre? qual é o resto do equipamento?
  13. what amp you are using?
  14. You sounds awesome! Stevie mixed with a little David Gilmour style... very cool!
  15. thanks...not a big fan of that pickup...i like bridge pups on tele's...love the neck pups on strata and gibby's... cheers!
  17. Great sounding Tele work! Love the tone as well. You have some great videos and talent. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  18. Awesome playing. Ever tiem I listen to you play I have to pick up my tele and play along.
  19. Love that fuzz! Tele's are especially prone to ROCK faces when combined with some nasty fuzz.
  20. You smoke. Are you in a band?
  21. Jason I love these hot rod Teles!! I'm fixing to pull the trigger on a new 60th anniversary Hot Rod Tele. I think these with the 9.5" radius necks are so much more user-friendly!! And the tone, wow, custom shopish!!
  22. thanks for giving a good idea of what this guitar will do. I love the 79 through 82 Fender lead guitars. Play them and am wondering if this Tele is ash body. Many were. I gotta check neck specs also again thanks That was an cool blues rythm lead and i appreciate it. Love the fifths you were nailing in that.
  23. Nice guitar.. great playing! Too much reverb! :-)
  24. why u have only Fender Custom-Shop? do u get this for free? ^^
  25. @jashobbsie but guys who play so incredible needs a Custom-Shop Strat! and your video with the squier strat? wow you make a great tone. thats the evidence: Not the guitar is important, but rather the guy who sitting behind nice Videos, do u know the Fender Classic Series 50'Strat im going to buy them. but i dont know if the price is good :( greetz from austria and sorry for my bad english ;)