Flo Rida - Run ft. RedFoo of LMFAO [Audio]

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© 2012 WMG. "Run" ft. RedFoo of LMFAO is off of Flo Rida's new album WILD ONES, available in stores & online now! Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/wildones If you've bought the singles off the new album on US iTunes ("Let It Roll", "Good Feeling", "Wild Ones" ft. Sia, "Whistle") complete your album now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/wildones Other Countries get WILD ONES here: http://smarturl.it/wildones http://officialflo.com http://imgstrongarmworld.com http://twitter.com/official_flo http://facebook.com/officialflo

  1. One does not simply came here for the music 
  2. what a fake body !!!! what's the point of this video !!! using porn to get the attention !!!
  3. Run bitch run
  4. Summer, summer, HOT Summer ...soon :-)))
  5. Psh I saw the first few comments saying the girl is "fat or overweight". She's perfect I love my girls with meat on them.
  6. Damn ho... Keep on running...
  7. i mean like Serious O_O THE HOLE VIDEO A GIRL :O :p
  8. that ASS !!!!
  9. %50 Music %50 Fat Legs xD
  10. such a shit song
  11. one word: BEWBS!!!
  12. its like bay watch 
  13. i came for the busty running lady! 
  14. ebaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. Il n'y a que de la graisse !
  16. Oh I see it's an audio not music video!
  17. Legends say she still running.
  18. UP
  19. look if you want to fap, there's websites to do that, and youtube isn't one of them. Thanks.
  20. 2:26 & 2:23 Can someone please, even just come close to explaining this? perhaps not such a firm ass then ...
  21. Run run run ruunnnnnn....! 
  22. That bikini it's just too ugly!!! It looks like a bikini for a grandmas!!
  23. when the video started i pulled my hung out and basically had that chick running innit.... best masturbation in years =d
  24. AMAZING *_*
  25. Slutttt smh....
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