FLY BerMuDa Festival 2011 - Magda Interview

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  1. кул
  2. what brand are her glasses their fucking cool.
  3. Hermosa uffff
  4. Anyone know her no.1 dj "Swift"? I can't trace any music.
  5. hey..i am magda..the famous..i dont need to look good anymore.:)) kiddding baby
  6. Magma is my wife prospect <3
  7. GEIL!
  8. whts the rcords she talks about? bmg and what p? "cold credit card?" didnt find anything
  9. The recording of sounds, camera lens used and post production of this video make me happy. Class atmosphere!!!
  11. its swift from ata
  12. @NGiN2 bmg & sal p -credit card
  13. like your glasses ..hahhaa
  14. love u magda
  15. @NGiN2 its BMG & SAL P - CREDIT CARD
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