Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever (Explicit Version)

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Music video by Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem performing Forever. (C) 2009 Interscope Records

  1. This song is like an Oreo, the white part is the best
  2. I am a big Eminem fan but fuck theres a lot of eminem dickriders in the comment section saying theres no good rappers other than em drake killed it wanye had it which is better than most verses from his other shit kanyes verse is little weak compared his other stuff but decent fuck yous all the ignorant Eminem dickriders
  3. Drake is garbage Lil Wayne is garbage Kanye is hot garbage Lebron is a bitch The only redeeming part of this song starts at 4:55 when Eminem comes in. 
  4. Yes, I think Eminem is the best rapper ever. Yes, I think he had the best verse on this song. Yes, I listened to the whole song. Yes, I think Drake was a very close second on his verse. No, I am not white. No, I am not dick-riding him. I love Eminem's music, not Eminem Yes, I listen to tons of other rappers. (Ex: J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, Common) Before you judge me for my opinions, make sure you don't make any racist comments. Black people who say that rap is not for white people are just as racist as the whites who told Jackie Robinson that he couldn't play baseball because he was black
  5. Come on guys. Whether Eminem was worth the praise in this song is up for debate, but Kanye's verse DID suck. Come on. Let's be honest. It was just bad.
  6. Eminem fans are the most ignorant inconsiderate fans that believe every rapper sucks besides eminem. Guys there is a thing called flow. Which eminem lacks. Drake is #1 for me in this song. But everybody in this song did very good, besides Kanye he didn't do that good but he did decent.
  7. No matter who it is, if you do a track featuring eminem, he will make you look stupid with his lyricism. This song proves it. No love proves it. Renegade proves it. All the bad meets evil songs prove it. The list goes on and on. His lyrical engineering is too genius. No other artist comes close besides nas, rakim and MAYBE pac or big pun. 
  8. . Top 5 rappers 1. Eminem 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. B Rabbit 5. The white guy from D12
  9. bruh eminem is the most overrated rapper of all time. He only had 3 good albums and has been trash since 04. these are facts. he's only popular cuz he's white. lets be real if he was black he wouldnt be half as famous. y'all white boys just need someones dick to ride . Eminem isnt even a top 5 rapper of all time which some of yall say he is. i can name alot of rappers who are/were way better than him. i'm not even gonna name rappers from right now cuz we all know he fell off 10 yrs ago. 
  10. drake and eminem killed it
  11. i motherfucking think that fucking kanye motherfucking west did the motherfucking best out of all these motherfucking rappers
  12. eminem the greatest rapper of all time he dissed them in the same song damn his fucking crazy
  13. So many Eminem Fanboys its terrible, I mean, he used to be my favorite until I discovered Kanye West. All Wayne does is brag so its not that good, but everyone else is pretty good in this. 
  14. 1. Kanye West 2. Eminem 3. Drake 4. Lil Wayne
  15. Eminem is THE rap god. no one can touch his flow. hes such a beast. his lyrics are dope in this too. I'm getting popular fast because of my song Rap Titan. thumbs up if eminem is the best rapper
  16. Eminem owned this shit I'm not even white but i know
  17. this song is beast. eminem rips his verse, gives me the chills when he raps. hes so talented. dope video. I'm getting known quickly because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...
  18. Drake is sucker of shemale dicks Lil Wayne is too high Kanye...don't get me started LeBron is a boss Eminem stole the show
  19. forever !!!
  20. Have you ever asked yourself why there is so many Eminem ''dickriders'' ? Because he has proven that he's the best in the rap game and he will remain THE BEST, nobody has this sick flow, this wordplay and those lyrics. Have you guys seen his last freestyle? Go and check it on his VEVO account, 7 minutes acapella freestyle with amazing lyrics and non-stop rapping. When he made Rap God, who said he isn't ? Every ''rapper'' swallowed it because they know who's the KING and GOD of this rap game. Case closed f*cktards, have a nice day. BTW he has a guinness record for the song ''Rap God''.
  21. Kanyes is trash (23 Grammys) , Drake is trash (past the beatles for most songs on billboard) , Lil Wayne (most albums sold in a week, most sucessful label in music). All these people are trash yet broken some of the biggest records in music HISTORY
  22. Eminem definitely had the best verse in this song, hands down. Wayne was 2nd IMO, then Drake, and Kanye let me down, his verse was so trash But i just love (extreme sarcasm) how all the white people act like Eminem is God's Gift to hip hop lol. Yes dude is a legend, yes he is arguably top 5 DOA, yes he has millions of records sold worldwide, but the GOAT? Plz, stop it with this nonsense!! (Disclaimer coming) I hate to make things about race and i'm not discrediting Eminem at all, but if Marshall was black, would he get the same praise and attention he does now? Be honest, no! He would just be another dope rapper. But because he's white, he's the GOAT 
  23. Eminem is a beast. he has so much talent. got this song on replay. I'm getting popular fast because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...
  24. Drake: Pretty Good Kanye West: Holy Sh*t Kanye, how did you screw up that badly Lil' Wayne: Solid Eminem: OMG THIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE SONG!
  25. I wonder if right around this time there was a moment in the studio with kanye and lil wayne where they were listing to this song and Kanye looks over to weezy and says "JACKPOT"