Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever (Explicit Version)

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Music video by Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem performing Forever. (C) 2009 Interscope Records

  1. For me the song ends at 4:55
  2. Lil Wayne I's so cool eminem is kinda wanna be black I like him but he thinks he's black or something and I'm not trying to hate but damn
  4. Drake is garbage Lil Wayne is garbage Kanye is hot garbage Lebron is a bitch The only redeeming part of this song starts at 4:55 when Eminem comes in. 
  5. I skip eminems part not that he aint good I just dont like him in the song, drake killed that shit ovoxo and ymcmb weezy for life
  6. It's bad when you listen to Drake's verse, then leave. That's really fucking bad. Rap now a days is just dead, Drake is all there is. the other 3 have zero creativity, just the same fucking shit every single song for the past decade. i got tired of it in 2005, im still tired of it.
  7. people like eminem because his the only white rapper so all the white people are all on his dick like retards if he was black it prolly be different
  8. Eminem is the only rapper here that can actually rap and his raps make sense.
  9. Feminem shouldn't even be in this song, drake, kanye, and wayne killed his stupid ass. Fuck Feminem.
  10. drake ruined his own rap and made it worse by adding kanye west and lil wayne but eminem had to save it. bet 99% of people only liked this cos of eminem like if you agree
  11. All these "rappers " suck besides eminem
  12. Eminem is a true meaningful rapper. love his style, hes a hiphop legend. I get chills when he raps. I'm getting known quickly because of my song Rap Titan on my channel. thumbs up if eminem is the greatest rapper to walk the planet
  13. Yall can say this safely that EMINEM VERSE KILLED IT ! 
  14. 1- Eminem 2- Drake 3- Lil Wayne 11289349- Kanye West :)
  15. Lil Wayne was actually ok in this
  16. Drake and Eminem we're the only good rappers in the song
  17. This video should of been under EminemVEVO, Drake doesnt deserve recognition for this song. =-="
  18. Of course Eminem is my favorite but can't we agree that they all did pretty damn good?
  19. All these white fan boys sucking Em's balls. I'm sorry but TUPAC SHAKUR, NAS, AND FUCKING BIGGIE ARE THE BEST OF ALL TIME !!!!
  20. For me the song starts at 4:55
  21. This song is like an Oreo I only enjoyed the white part
  22. Wait, wait, hold on... Erm, did Drake really imply he's the greatest ever while Eminem is on this song? I need air. 
  23. Funny that people are still commenting on a video that is 7 years old. Then some calls himself eminemVEVO and expect attention
  24. Everything about this song sucks except the instrumental and drakes singing. Man I hate rap, worst music genre IMO