Freakishly Long Fingernails (CBS News)

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Lee Redmond, the queen of long nails, shows off her talons to Dave Price, celebrating "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" and the opening of Ripley's new Odditorium in Times Square. (

  1. Pretty nasty and gross. Guess you can do this on food stamps and not have to use your hands to do very much.
  2. shes freddy kruger in disguise in new York on vacation from elm street
  3. like if u saw that guys poster fall
  4. How does she get dressed?!!!😳
  5. Damnit lady, you made Freddy cry D:
  6. its madness not amazing
  7. that's disgusting
  8. The nail polish is self explanatory jk
  9. That is really scary. I'm sorry. :<
  10. Wtf ?! Thats creepy ! Cut your nails , please !
  11. SHE REALLY NAILED IT DIDN'T SHE!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA she got her hooks in you dave... ¬_¬
  12. hahhaa a bird can live in that !! (i mean like a kaige)
  13. Haha. I think that was the personal question he was talking about. He was so thinking it.
  14. omg gross.
  15. She lost her nails in a car accident.
  16. that women is sooo weird xd
  17. OMG it's not possible ! it's a fake !
  18. (._.) (°_°)
  19. Ewwwww
  20. Learn to take a joke. You're still illogical.
  21. me
  22. I sure hope she's not a lesbian!!!
  23. You're an idiot.
  25. eww