From Me To You - Walk off the Earth (The Beatles)

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"From Me To You" Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our album R.E.V.O. here: WOTE merch available here: Walk Off the Earth pays tribute to The Beatles. "From Me To You" is one of our favourite songs and we've always wanted to play it for you we did! WOTE TOUR DATES:

  1. From Me To You - Walk off the Earth (The Beatles):
  2. What happens to the guy in Blue's hair at the beginning?
  3. I hate the Beatles (sue me :P) but I love this :)
  4. The guy on the far left with the pipe looks like he's having fun...
  5. Please no spammy talks
  6. I thought the thumbnail was a stump wrist with blood coming out
  7. What are these record things their talking about ?
  8. that girl tho !
  9. Beautiful!! in love with this!
  11. I love the Use Your Illusions Part I t-shirt!
  12. Don't let the pipe fool you, that's not tobacco in there, Beard guy is smoking a pipe of knowledge.
  13. i really hope, paul mccartney sees this!
  14. Lmao Marshall looks like ian from smosh in this video..
  15. With love ...
  16. lol the guy on the left always so serious... with that pipe and that expression its genius!
  17. The pure talent of walk off the earth to be able to strum one instrument and fret another
  18. i subscribed where's my health shake?
  19. you are most definitely fellow stoners! you just.....oooh!!! it looks like you have so much fun! and you are all so talented! especially the guy in the does he even do that?(:my hands would just turn on me and develop alien hand syndrome for my insolence!you have some really good records in your collection too! you guys loooooooooong since owe me a health shake....mines a nak'd blue machine,'kay?
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  21. i <3 U LEONIDAS!!! AWOOOO!! AWOOOOO!!!
  22. Как это я такое чудо пропустил... Чувак с трубкой - однозначно рулит :)
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