From Me To You - Walk off the Earth (The Beatles)

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"From Me To You" Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our album R.E.V.O. here: WOTE merch available here: Walk Off the Earth pays tribute to The Beatles. "From Me To You" is one of our favourite songs and we've always wanted to play it for you we did! WOTE TOUR DATES: March 22 -- Adrian, MI April 3 -- London, UK April 3 -- London, UK VIP April 4 -- Norwich, UK April 4 -- Norwich, UK VIP April 5 -- Birmingham, UK April 5 -- Birmingham, UK VIP April 6 -- Cardiff, UK April 6 -- Cardiff, UK VIP April 8 -- Utrecht, NL April 8 -- Utrecht, NL VIP April 9 -- Dortmund, DE April 9 -- Dortmund, DE VIP April 10 -- Munich, DE April 10 -- Munich, DE VIP April 11 -- Hohenems, AT April 11 -- Hohenems, AT April 12 -- Strasbourg, FR April 14 -- Zurich, CH April 14 -- Zurich, CH April 15 -- Wiesbaden, DE April 15 -- Wiesbaden, DE VIP April 16 -- Amsterdam, NL April 16 -- Amsterdam, NL VIP April 18 -- Copenhagen, DK April 18 -- Copenhagen, DK VIP April 19 -- Stockholm, SE April 19 -- Stockholm, SE VIP April 21 -- Berlin, DE April 21 -- Berlin, DE VIP April 22 -- Luxembourg City, LU April 22 -- Luxembourg City, LU VIP April 24 -- Paris, FR April 24 -- Paris, FR VIP April 25 -- Manchester, UK April 25 -- Manchester, UK VIP April 26 -- Glasgow, UK April 26 -- Glasgow, UK VIP April 27 -- Dublin, IE April 27 -- Dublin, IE VIP May 23 -- Atlantic City, NJ

  1. Please no spammy talks
  2. if i could like 10billion+ times, i DEFINATLY would!!!!!!!!
  3. you guys have so much energy! i love it!!!
  4. LOL it's true. I've been reading comments on the bearded guy under their other videos. He is a sexy motherfucker and although he seems marginal, he does have his musical place in the band. These guys are all awesome and all good looking, which is not a determining factor but a welcome plus
  5. i love you so much guys, my to you from Ukrane )))
  6. I love your guys' music. I have watched all of your videos. Oh, I subscribed so do I get a coke or health shake? ;-)
  7. This was fricking fantastic!
  9. .love it.
  10. That GNR shirt!
  11. beard guy here looks like Chuck Norris
  12. It's cool but the Beatles version is better.
  13. Mike Taylor= The most majestic pony-man in the world.
  14. I have watched this several times before, but this is the first time that I noticed this--The beardguy is playing the piano with his foot!!! LOL!
  15. beardguy Like a Boss
  16. Beard Guy/Mike Taylor Coolest guy ever!!!! WOTE are just amazing totally and utterly awesome.
  17. One of my most favorite bands covering one of my most favorite bands!! L <3 V E
  18. D'awww :D
  19. amazing,.i love u guys
  20. Forever Young - Alphaville?
  21. that beard guy its the spirit of the band
  22. Beardguy <3 haha
  23. Beard guy, if you ever need a pedicure call me! LOL!
  24. thick bearded man who was always in the video walk of the earth and the work he is at least his face without sin so
  25. Am I the only person wondering what beard guy's singing voice sounds like?
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