Gabriel Davi - Beautiful (Official Video) [HD]

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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video. (c) & (p) ROTON ROMANIA 2011 Music & Lyrics: Gabriel Davi, Hat Man, Vanotek Director: Mayer Vira DoP: Ovidiu Dumitriade International Licensing:

  1. ne göt var ama kızlarda :D
  2. I shall visit Romania
  3. Love you
  4. the nigga girle is ruining the damn video :/
  5. 32 million views for this, WTF???????????????
  6. goooooooood
  7. R O M A N I A
  8. bad music
  9. 1:14 LOL HAHAHA.
  10. english song
  11. black guy What is wrong with you? 
  12. nice song +++++++++++++++++
  13. ready 4 the summertime cmon!
  14. Im obsessed with this song!
  15. Hello. Want to konow something about Romania.? History of Romania The Dacians
  16. 31654587
  17. I just like the song personally
  18. Ass paradise. 
  19. Your beautiful ( . Y . ) haha
  20. music meh girls yea :DDD
  21. yea so beautiful !!!
  22. Same last name as me
  23. Man, I wish that I was there. It's 28º here right now...
  24. Hey all my name is DJ "MannySounDs" Alas I'm a DJ/Producer/Carpenter/Gods follower. I have been inactive for 6 months had a bit of a "life crisis" (got married) But the point is im back lol I know these things make people angry so i apologize sincerely i don't mean to make anyone angry. I'm a simple person appreciative with my life and the people around me with a passion for music as it completes me. A simple View or even a comment on my new mix would mean wonders. thank you God bless and happy new years.
  25. cooking fun
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