Gabriel Davi - Beautiful (Official Video) [HD]

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Subscribe for more free music: (c) & (p) ROTON ROMANIA 2011 Music & Lyrics: Gabriel Davi, Hat Man, Vanotek Director: Mayer Vira DoP: Ovidiu Dumitriade International Licensing:

  1. Thumbs up if you're still watching this in 2015!
  2. Gabriel Davi - Beautiful (Official Video) [HD] : 
  3. One of the best summer hits of all time!!!...
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  5. Everyday I see you're beautiful, you're beautiful its true..... I'm always rocking this song on repeat in my car lol to work and home....never gets old....
  6. ne göt var ama kızlarda :D
  7. This is a great song. This is one of my favorite songs. I used to listen to this song back 2-3 years ago. Today i am listening to this song. I like the beat and the tunes. Thank You. Bye Bye. Jassi.
  8. Asfaqhasan
  9. the nigga girle is ruining the damn video :/
  10. Romania Music :)
  11. ALBANIA <3
  12. thumps up if u still watch this in 2014
  13. 👍👍👍👍👍
  14. 2012 my friends esta cancion pego en aquel año me trae grandes recuerdos de mi prepa imborrables cancioness
  15. The director be like : asses yeah mooooore asses _ 
  16. magaria
  17. Gabriel Davi - Beautiful (Official Video) [HD]:
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