Gemini - Fire Inside (Ft. Greta Svabo Bech)

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Available to buy now: (UK) // (US) 'Fire Inside' is the lead track from Gemini's new EP due for release April 2nd 2012 via Inspected. Gemini - Fire Inside EP Tracklist: 1. Fire Inside (ft. Greta Svabo Bech) 2. No Way Out 3. To The World 4. Nothingness Released by: Inspected Released/catalogue number: INSP006 Release date: April 2, 2012 Become a fan of Gemini: Follow them on Twitter: Become a fan of Inspected:

  1. Could people stop stating that they found this song through Asphalt 8? Honestly nobody really gives a fuck about how you found this, people come here to enjoy the music.
  2. What the fuck is Asphalt 8.
  3. can someone tell me where to find the dupstep remix of this? With a big drop I heard it somewhere and can't find it?
  4. Calm your tits, asphalt 8 is shit, go play gta 5.
  5. Well i don't give fuck about asphalt 8 i came here cuz UKF!
  6. no itunes download?!??
  7. Best song on Asphalt 8!
  8. Came here from own music taste, not Asphalt 8
  9. Forza horizon rally
  10. Asphalt 8 I LOVE YOU
  11. Engrish.
  12. One of those songs you keep coming back to.
  13. Well, I have to thank Asphalt 8 for featuring this song that I've been trying to find for a year now.
  14. Lorena Freax brought me here
  15. Asphalt 8
  16. Asphalt 8
  17. ok guys we get it It's from Asphalt 8 not shut up and dance to the song :D
  18. best song on grand trismo 5
  19. Asphalt 8 is the best race game I came across
  20. The best racing game ever made that's what asphalt 8 is
  21. I think im the one who was listening this before asphalt 8
  22. Friday
  23. A Gemini has no choice but to love Gemini's music.
  24. Good dubstep Gemini - Fire Inside (Ft. Greta Svabo Bech)