George Frideric Handel - The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

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George Frideric Handel - The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from the oratorio Solomon (1749) Georg Friedrich Händel

  1. Man this nigga is da best 4 reel cuz. He make all the bitches wet when he drop the bass
  2. Everyone, no matter their IQ, race or religious persuasion needs to hear music like this.
  3. Who could possibly not like this?
  4. Grand and uplifting because this world is already depressing. This is in my "Joyful Classical" playlist.
  5. Civilization 2. This is the soundtrack of the "Adam Smith's Trading Company" Wonder of the World. 
  6. If I was the queen of Sheba (and I still hope to be so one day) I would be happy to arrive to this. 
  7. Handel's favourite instrument is the OBOE!! =DD
  8. I will await the black race to compose music like this with bated breath. 
  9. I think every soul needs to listen to classical music.. 
  10. Del minuto 1:50 al 2:10 me lleva al éxtasis de la alegría y se me mueven la cabeza y los pies x3 
  11. George Fotzerich Hurndel!
  12. sublime and profound, something like the renewal of our blood, at racing pace- a need
  13. Empire total war: darth mod? anybody???
  14. had this played at our wedding when we were leaving the church, made me feel so happy.
  15. Handel was so devilishly clever! His music is so endlessly creative and never ceases to delight and surprise!
  16. Me gusta mucho esta composición del gran Haendel Es maravillosa
  17. A musical feast!
  18. "Last Tango in Halifax" brought me here. 
  19. My flat is a mess, but listening to this suddenly seems in pristine order. 
  20. With these strings - I imagine very fat Queen of Sheba, majestically waddling in. Not me.
  21. Well. This brings back memories of Napoleonic Wars. Mount and Blade, yo.
  22. This came from the movie Solomon is Sheba.
  23. Most beautiful classical music piece of all time