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From THE DICK CAVETT SHOW. September 18, 1972.

  1. Dedicated to my dear friend +Tammy Cook ! "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles
  2. Ray Charles is a gift from God... The Christian God, the Muslin god, whatever.... Not to be taken lightly.... Soul. THE SOUL of us humans... right here....
  3. Only if Georgia had Braves on the mind then they wouldn't be a move way to some where else. How bout the 96 and 99 World Series?
  4. OMG love it !!! The best ever
  5. Simply amazing 
  6. He never does a song the same twice. Always into it. What ever flows. A Legend he is. 
  7. Grande!!!
  8. Favorite song by him
  9. For my friend and neighbor Donna Ruggiero visiting her sister in Georgia <3
  10. Im not from G.A. but Ray makes me want 2 be..
  11. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  12. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  13. Hi guys please watch my cover of the song thanks 😊
  14. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  15. Classic
  16. I've been struck by the Ray Charles bug. Fuck. Young people need to listen to this.
  17. The 37 dislikes are probably young punks who just don't know how to appreciate sweet sounding awesome music.
  18. have to appreciate the simple things!!!!!!!
  19. beethoven wasn't blind, he was deaf.
  20. reminds me just how normal I am
  21. Excuse me, I don't think there's anything wrong with the action on this piano.
  22. I'm blind and I spend most of my time watching internet porn. I'd like to see Ray pull that off.
  23. My jazz teacher always used this song to explain music theory to the people in the class who were beginners.
  24. demais!!!