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From THE DICK CAVETT SHOW. September 18, 1972.

  1. *Georgia on My Mind* ~Ray Charles~ #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth
  2. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  3. Sometime in the mid 1960's, The Central Park Band Shell - Backstage, late night. The band had just finished up, and the star of this show..Ray Charles ended his marvelous gig, (as he often did), with the achingly lovely ballad, "Georgia on my Mind". He was backstage (we were doing a photo shoot for a local paper and had a superb view of everything). Well, as the applause grew and crescendoed, Ray stopped... touched the arm of the person who was walking him down the back stairs. He was wearing a deep red jacket. He threw his head back, smiled from ear to ear and just stood there, 'drinking' in the appreciative shouts and clapping. A moment I recall clear as a bell: close to fifty years on. I shall never, ever forget it. RIP Brother Ray!!
  4. Just knew how to Interperate music. Loved the way he made them alive.
  5. Grande!!!
  6. Incomparably versatile musical genius and performer! One of a kind!
  7. um clássico inesquecível .. . .
  8. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  9. GOo0 GAaa اتز قود ميوزك ههههههههههههههههههه 
  10. Dedicated to my dear friend +Tammy Cook ! "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles
  11. A great man........Wow it's hard to explain his influence In my life....
  12. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  13. My favourite Ray Charles Robinson song, also my singing nemesis
  14. Very VERY NAYCE !!!
  15. OMG love it !!! The best ever
  16. Ray Charles is a gift from God... The Christian God, the Muslin god, whatever.... Not to be taken lightly.... Soul. THE SOUL of us humans... right here....
  17. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  18. GEORGIA ON MY MIND by Ray Charles:
  19. Simply amazing 
  20. Only if Georgia had Braves on the mind then they wouldn't be a move way to some where else. How bout the 96 and 99 World Series?
  21. He never does a song the same twice. Always into it. What ever flows. A Legend he is. 
  22. Favorite song by him