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From THE DICK CAVETT SHOW. September 18, 1972.

  1. Happy Birthday Ray Charles.
  2. I've been struck by the Ray Charles bug. Fuck. Young people need to listen to this.
  3. he still a live
  4. Classic
  5. We all have that mystical place we call home, that wonderful stage where the nostalgic euphoria fills the heart. The hope and desire become one ... That place where memories throb in every corner and street ... (...) Love it
  6. with any luck... I'll make it this far today...
  7. I live in Georgia .. this song for me)))
  8. GEORGIA ON MY MIND +Jeffrey Rogers and peace to you my friend
  9. #music #musicplaylist 
  10. Anybody here who loves the music of *Ray Charles* ? He's been so inspring, his songs so great, and we have to thank him deeply. Should we go get stoned...? Ray had the answer: Ray Charles - Let's Go Get Stoned . Should we try to steal a guitar from a music store? Better not, Ray was blind but was a perfect shooter, as we learned from the initial Blues Brothers movie. Details at Wikipedia: . I heard so many of his songs performed by the fabulous former Frankfurt City Blues Band when I still was a twen (and of course, the original versions, later). Andreas August (aka ATA) of the FCBB had the matching voice, I must say.
  11. On my mind...
  12. +Surc Sunday Jazz
  15. oh my goodness ....
  16. Georgia !
  17. have to appreciate the simple things!!!!!!!
  18. beethoven wasn't blind, he was deaf.
  19. reminds me just how normal I am
  20. Excuse me, I don't think there's anything wrong with the action on this piano.
  21. I'm blind and I spend most of my time watching internet porn. I'd like to see Ray pull that off.
  22. My jazz teacher always used this song to explain music theory to the people in the class who were beginners.
  23. demais!!!
  24. that's what the white man wants you to think...
  25. God... wonderful ;))) Love