Ghost Riders In The Sky

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Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash With pictures to go along.

  1. Then Cowboy change your ways today or with us you will ride.
  2. Ghost riders in the kitchen!
  3. Ghost Riders In The Sky:
  4. It1s a fuckin good music!
  5. Ghost Riders In The Sky:
  6. A song great enough to earn a movie. Isn't that great?!
  7. Ghost Riders In The Sky:
  8. A Finnish man and an American were having a chat. "We have Bill Clinton, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash", said the American. "We have Martti Ahtisaari, no hope and no cash", said the Finnish man. That is an old joke, but I think it is still kind of up to date...
  9. Ghost Riders In The Sky:
  10. Sempre suggestiva!
  11. Jonny Cash, werde dich niemals vergessen!
  12. uwenvnvusx uwey 
  13. Siellä se Johnnykin ratsastaa nyt taivahalla aaveena.
  15. Unerreichbar!!! Was sind das für Wichtigtuer-Wichser, die hier was als negativ bewerten??? Haben die eine ähnliche Karriere oder Stimme, um JOHNNY CASH zu kritisieren??? Was maßen die sich an?? R.I.P. Johnny Cash!!!
  16. Ghost Riders in the Sky sehr schön
  17. the only johnny cash the master in the sky
  18. This is a good cover, but then it's Johnny Cash singing this. So it's going to be good.