Ghost Riders In The Sky

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Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash With pictures to go along.

  1. Sky rider
  2. to strange I love this song and was just singing it yesterday but forgot all the words
  3. I feel good
  4. ~❤~
  5. cool
  6. This song tells the story of my life.
  7. yppie aye yay..
  8. You my join me on my last few rides' threw my music careeer 
  9. LOVE this song. <3
  10. tres belle ballade musical
  11. I love & miss Johnny Cash & Marty Robbins, there my kind of cowboys..!
  12. Ghost Riders In The Sky
  13. YIppee I/O
  14. O-yeah....
  15. Ghost Riders In The Sky
  16. cool
  17. point culture
  18. Demais ++++ I lov J Cash ++++
  19. great cowboy song love it RIP johnny cash
  20. Regardless of who recorded it first (I think it's Burl) it wasn't written by either of them. It was written by Stan Jones.