Ghost Riders In The Sky

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Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash With pictures to go along.

  1. Ghost Riders In The Sky:
  2. Clássico, Mito Jhonny Cash
  3. este no es el que escuche la que escuche era mejor, hay tantas versiones que sera difícil encontrar la que yo escuche ase mucho tiempo :/
  4. quem canta esta música em portugues é carlos gonzaga chama se cavaleiro do ceú;
  5. Eventhough Johnny Cash wasn't with us anymore but he left good song for me to remember forever, do you all agree with me
  6. Jonny Cash, werde dich niemals vergessen!
  7. the only johnny cash the master in the sky
  8. This is a good cover, but then it's Johnny Cash singing this. So it's going to be good. 
  9. Unerreichbar!!! Was sind das für Wichtigtuer-Wichser, die hier was als negativ bewerten??? Haben die eine ähnliche Karriere oder Stimme, um JOHNNY CASH zu kritisieren??? Was maßen die sich an?? R.I.P. Johnny Cash!!!
  10. It1s a fuckin good music!
  11. Ghost Riders In The Sky:
  12. Ez isteni! Sajnos nincs folytatása!
  13. Ghost Riders In The Sky:
  14. :-DDD
  15. I love it
  16. For the very hard work day cowboy music is best option. Ghost rider in the sky... OMG THE DEADLINE!!
  17. amo esta musica
  19. One of the best Johnny cash song
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