Girls` Generation(소녀시대) _ Oh! _ MusicVideo(Only Dance Ver.)

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  1. They all are gorgeous. But the one in green pants she is cute.
  2. Magic number!!!! 9,905,509
  3. They don't do the dance like this at their live performances. They don't have any energy anymore when do it. They didn't do it this well on their video.
  4. This is only 4 years old? What on earth did they film it on.
  5. the glass oh the glass
  6. Perfeitas
  7. Yuri <33333
  8. Yoona
  9. 9,922,299
  10. hey friends i know we have alot of pressure now but what can we do..... but please lets all watch this and really quickly make this 10 ml we are really close only 98 k to go .... S♥NES hwaiting !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I don't think thats the real tiffany
  12. Tiffany says Taeyeon ah Saranghae at the introduce 0:05
  13. Oooooh so beauty and a beat haha
  14. come on watch this sones really close to 10ml just need 99 k more come on lets watch this 
  15. 10,000,000 GOGOGO
  16. come on watch this and make this 10ml come on we r really close 
  17. Sunny Taeyeon Seohyun Jessica Tiffany <3
  18. seohyun: Say no to miniskirt! ahahhah
  19. 9,877,779
  20. 2014
  21. OMGG!! SO TALENTED!!! <33333333 i never knew Oh! dance step were that hard!
  22. OMG the dance so good!
  23. I love houyuen♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥