Girls` Generation(소녀시대) _ Oh! _ MusicVideo(Only Dance Ver.)

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  1. the glass oh the glass
  2. So. Much. Nostalgia.
  3. seohyun: Say no to miniskirt! ahahhah
  4. Sunny *w*
  5. Taeyeon did the Run Devil Run dance in the intro O.o lolol
  6. Gosh... my first kpop video! Yeah, it was the dance version, no even the official one lol.. My life changed!!! Sone forever! <3
  7. I don't think thats the real tiffany
  8. Ainda vou aprender *u* -oun
  9. Perfeitas
  10. Yuri <33333
  11. Yoona
  12. they are so in sync! especially for 9 members that are quite different in height, shape, and personality/attitude. respect +10 pts
  13. i just realize Sunny has best proportion (and body) in group, she's shortest but her legs are not shortest
  14. I wanna dance like this!
  15. Tiffany: Tae, Tae Tae Tae, Tae Tae Saranghae ASDFGHJKL TaeNy!
  16. This is so cutee
  17. oh gaawd yoona why *Q*
  18. Wooooooouuuuuuuu
  19. Tiffany says Taeyeon ah Saranghae at the introduce 0:05
  20. I like the one in pink boots 3
  21. Love the choreography for oh! The amount of formation changes. The choreographers really put a lot of thought into this. During the formation change, it is like from organised "mess" to synchronised movements, the vouging was done nicely to give a nice visual effect to the whole formation like a flower blooming from a bud but fast forwarded. The costumes, the boots really help in the visual effect too. Even though it is just practice they still wore the essential jackets and boots. Really well done. Feel that Oh! deserves more recognition. Such a waste not much advertising and marketing was done on Oh!. 
  22. HYOHYOEN <3
  23. LOL Sunny so energic kkk XD
  24. YoOna !!! oHHhOoO LoL
  25. Super Lovin' song. Oh! very fresh and young SNSD!! ㅎㅎㅎヽ(´▽`)/