GIRLS` GENERATION 少女時代_PAPARAZZI_Music Video Dance Edit 2

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  1. Such paparazzi much girls very dance so dance queens all the sass wow
  3. Yoona <3
  4. i like the dance in this one 8)
  5. +Alejandra Cecilia ♥
  6. Beautiful dancing queen Hyoyeon strikes again!!!
  7. +Ari Demapoulos: there is another dance version ( by SMTOWN too) of this aside from its official mv.
  8. Jessica Taeyeon Tiffany looks alike I dun know who is who lol 
  9. obsessed with this song~!!! 
  10. the positioning, choreography, and hand-work in this is amazing ;u; girls generation fighting!
  11. I was disappointed with "Mr. Mr." so I had to listen to a good SNSD song. Why are all their Japanese singles so much better? :-(
  12. 1 of the BEST! :)
  13. Love your dresses Jessica and Tiffany
  14. Good thing it's in a different language else this would totally be stuck in my head. I love the choreography and how it continues across the cuts between the two scenes. Thanks to Joystiq: 
  15. yuri <3
  16. Tayoen my love
  17. I love Sunny and all the girls outfits. Best song ever!
  18. best...
  19. Good video
  20. I'm so glad youtube repeat exists
  21. Tiffany and Taeyeon look :) So pretty!
  22. i really like their choreography here, and their looks too!!! Tiffany<3
  23. LOVE♡
  24. queen yoona
  25. I love seohyun's outfit!!!!!!
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