Gotye - Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You

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The song Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You, from the album Making Mirrors Buy Making Mirrors here Produced by Wally De Backer Mixed by Francois Tetaz, assisted by Wally at Moose Mastering, VIC, Australia Mastered by William Bowden Drums, percussion, bass, guitar, organ, music box, synth samples, vocals: Wally ************************************ Hey What's your name? Don't worry... And don't be afraid We won't hurt you Hey Lost your way? Well don't worry... Just do as we say And we won't hurt you It's hard The world can lead you so astray It gets harder It's hard just to keep the faith Do you need a reminder? Of the love that we gave you? Don't worry You're walking away... But we'll always be watching you We'll always be watching you

  1. Heavy beat, definitely Gorillaz Esque and I looooooooooooove it
  2. Ditto. 
  3. I made the mistake of watching the video for this song before going to bed. BIG MISTAKE. The song is great though and has a deep meaning.
  4. Inventive reply bro. Please, let me have another.
  5. Don´t Worry Be Happy!
  7. Oh glob what have I done. O___O STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE.
  8. let me do that again
  9. i love the end..its awesome
  10. sad he really just had the one good song that made him famous the others songs are not so great
  11. areyousure
  12. haunting....absolutely haunting to the core of my being.
  13. failzz right i ment
  14. /watch?v=Gh-CPFI9zl8
  15. Oh, I did it because I have nothing better to do. You did it cause you were mad. So, still you. lol
  16. So creepy, so ominous, so... groovy. I llllove it.
  17. Perfeita
  18. Reminds me of Gorillaz
  19. Incredible song, so evocative. One of Gotye's unique songs on his album; another of which that springs to mind is 'State of the Art'.
  20. chill.. chill.... DANG...
  21. This is awesome.
  22. im diggin this sound
  23. New line
  24. no one knows so hes probably mentally challenged
  25. somebody tahat used to knıw daha güzel