Grandpa Elliot & Oscar Castro - "Only You" - New Orleans Street Music

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Grandpa Elliot & Oscar Castro Toulouse Street, New Orleans "Only You"

  1. great! this is fucking sontaneous and genuine art! thank's for playing and to make our working days less harder!! hats off!!
  2. The most beautiful sounding instrument in the world is something you're born with. God makes, the most excellent musical instruments. These are two fine examples.
  3. Awwwwwwwsooooooooome !
  4. we love you Grandpa Elliot ... From Costa Rica
  5. young and old, black and in music. BEAUTIFUL!
  6. Absolutely fantastic !!!
  7. Perrrrr
  8. This knocks my socks off!!!!!
  9. this is fucking fantastic..
  10. Grandpa Elliot einfach klasse
  11. lo mejro que dios le puede dar a la humamidad gente humilde y con esa bella vos inigualable mi mayor respeto y admiracion para toda esa linda gente que nos regala un poco de su talento
  12. Love This Channel!!!!
  13. So cool
  14. ohh that was truely enjoyable , loved it
  15. PIEL DE GALLINA MARAVILLOSO pensar que hay tanto cretino suelto por ahi.....................
  16. grandi
  17. lindo de mais.
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