Grandpa Elliott / Nothing you can do.

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  1. How did u know how my heart was feeling? U r something good in this world <3
  2. VIA G +
  3. Grandpa Elliott / Nothing you can do.
  4. Ez már zene!!!
  5. One of My Favourites Grandpa Elliot.....You are One Brilliant Artist with a Heart of Gold...I Love...Jan xxx
  6. ༄༄༄༄༄
  7. Oh Lord i hate it when there's nothing you can do, love the tune!!
  8. *Lest we forget....*
  9. a real blues-jazz singer
  10. Grandpa ,te amo !!
  11. muy buen tema,lo recomiendo.......
  13. AmooO o Grandpa.....WoowW
  14. <3 
  15. The only thing you can do is consider the source and hit the mute button or turn the channel.ADonovan43 
  16. bueno que bn super
  17. Super grand-pa!=D,
  18. very, very good!
  19. i need harptabs of this solo right now.
  20. so sweet
  21. very, very good! very good even without hypocrisy!
  22. Great job on the video!! Bought this CD after you told me about it in response to a video I posted a few years ago Grandpa is a world favorite! Just saw Grandpa recently with Playing for Change in Ann Arbor...everybody wanted to talk to Grandpa after the show the CD is awesome
  23. Nawlins son......Nawlins.
  24. how not cry
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