High Notes in 'Rock Music': G4-B4 (Version 2.0)

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1. 0:00 - G4s from "Creep" by Scott Weiland. (A baritone) 2. 0:09 - A sustained G4 by Jarle Bernhoft from the live performance of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother". (A baritone) 3. 0:20 - A G4 by Rob Halford from "Visions". (A tenor) 4. 0:25 - Brolle Jr. sings an Elvis-esque G4 from the cover of "Unchained Melody". (A tenor) 5. 0:32 - A beautiful sustained G4 (and a brief G♯4 before it) from "Bridge Over Troubled Water", sung by Art Garfunkel. (A tenor) 6. 0:43 - A very powerful G♯4 by Layne Staley from the demo version of "Junkhead". (A tenor) 7. 0:52 - "I Must Go" with a G♯4 by Lindsey Buckingham. (A tenor) 8. 0:59 - One of my favourites, a sustained G♯4 by Richie Sambora from "Mr. Bluesman". (A baritone) 9. 1:06 - Tom Jones and an A4 from "I'll Never Fall In Love Again". (A baritone) 10. 1:10 - An A4 from "Can't Find My Home" by James Christian. (A baritenor) 11. 1:18 - A powerful A4 by Zubin Varla from "Heaven on Their Minds". (A baritenor) 12. 1:27 - A sustained A4 by Matt Bellamy from "Sing for Absolution". (A tenor) 13. 1:33 - Jon Crosby and A4s from "Lift Me Up". (A baritone) 14. 1:39 - Brendon Urie and a sustained A4 from "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". (A tenor) 15. 1:48 - An A4 from "Freedom '90" by George Michael. (A tenor) 16. 1:53 - "Behind the Crimson Door" and a rough A4 by Ville Valo. (A baritone) 17. 2:01 - An A4 by Matt Barlow from Caramon's Poem". (A baritone) 18. 2:10 - A sustained A4 by M. Shadows from "Save Me". (A baritone) 19. 2:18 - A lenghty A4 (and a short B♭4) from "The Deepest Blues Are Black" by Dave Grohl. (A tenor) 20. 2:30 - A B♭4 by Gary Cherone from "Left for Dead". (A baritenor) 21. 2:40 - A B♭4 by Brent Smith from "Second Chance". (A baritone) 22. 2:46 - Chad Kroeger and a B♭4 from "This Means War". (A baritone) 23. 2:51 - A B♭4 from "Healing Waters" by Richard Page. (A tenor) 24. 2:56 - A B♭4 by Jon Bon Jovi from "Santa Fe". (A tenor) 25. 3:04 - "Through Glass" and a B♭4 by Corey Taylor. (A baritone) 26. 3:08 - Freddie Mercury and a B♭4 from a live vocal improv. (Montreux, '86) (A tenor) 27. 3:14 - "Mr. Moonlight" and a B♭4 by John Lennon. (A baritone) 28. 3:19 - A B♭4 by Jeff Scott Soto from the cover of "Shot in the Dark", originally by Ozzy Osbourne. (A baritone) 29. 3:24 - An B♭4 by Ozzy Osbourne from "Killer of Giants". (A tenor) 30. 3:28 - A B♭4 from "Planemo" by Mike Patton. (A baritone) 31. 3:34 - A B♭4 from "Bargain", sung by Roger Daltrey. (A baritone) 32. 3:40 - A lenghty B♭4 from "You Are Not Alone" by Michael Jackson. (A high tenor) 33. 3:54 - An extremely impressive operatic B♭4 by Jackie Wilson, the song is called "My Empty Arms". (A tenor) 34. 4:01 - A glorious B♭4 (with a couple of trills up to B) by Graham Bonnet from the acoustic live performance of "We Won't Be Forgotten". (A baritenor) 35. 4:12 - An operatic B4 by Elvis Presley from the live performance of "Rags to Riches". (Pittsburgh, '76) (A baritone) 36. 4:19 - "Life Fades Away" and a B4 by Roy Orbison. (A tenor) 37. 4:27 - A sustained B4 by Thom Yorke, the song is called "You". (A tenor) 38. 4:39 - "Holding Back the Years" and a B4 sung by Mick Hucknall. (A tenor) 39. 4:45 - A B4 from "Dizzy", the vocalist of Jimmy Gnecco. (A baritenor) 40. 4:50 - Gotye and a B4 from the chorus of "I Feel Better". (A tenor) 41. 4:58 - Two dramatic B4s from "Can't Let You Go", sung by Joe Lynn Turner. (A baritenor) 42. 5:08 - A B4 by Jacoby Shaddix from the acoustic version of "No Matter What". (A tenor) 43. 5:16 - The live cover of The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" with a B4 sung by David Cook. (A baritone) 44. 5:25 - A lenghty B4 by Robert Plant from "The Lemon Song". (A tenor) 45. 5:34 - Paul Stanley and a sustained B4 from "Exciter". (A tenor) 46. 5:44 - A B4 from "Everything's Alright", sung by John Farnham. (A tenor) 47. 5:53 - Michael Bolton and a great sustained B4 from "Can't Turn It Off". (A baritenor) 48. 5:59 - A powerful B4 from "Draw Me" by Tony Kakko. (A baritenor) 49. 6:07 - A trembling homage to Jim Morrison: Peter Steele and a sustained B4 from "Blood & Fire. (A bass) 50. 6:16 - "Long Before Rock 'n' Roll" and a B4 by Björn Dixgård. (A tenor) 51. 6:24 - A B4 by James Hetfield from "The Unforgiven III". (A baritone) 52. 6:30 - A B4 from "Gasoline" by Chris Cornell. (A baritone) 53. 6:37- Glenn Danzig and a B4 from "Not of This World". (A baritenor) 54. 6:44 - A strong B4 from "Shifter" by Daniel Brecher. (A tenor) 55. 6:50 - Finally, an impressive clip with Andrew Mailloux and a high passage from "Omega", topping at B4. (A tenor)

  1. I'm not sure if you were trying not to repeat the same singer over and over? But I would have thought from a rock high note point of view there would have been a lot more of Freddie Mercury in here
  2. Should have definitely included Layne Staley's Bb4's from Man in the Box. Especially in the live in Dallas version from 1990, they are nothing short of amazing
  3. Elvis.
  4. M. Shadows!
  5. He may not be a real rock singer, but Art Garfunkel gives me the chills here!
  6. Yet another awesome video my friend! The spectrum of voices in your videos never ceases to amaze me. Also, quick question. I doubt he even has three octaves, but what's Brent Smith's range, approximately? His voice is by no means the best you've featured, but he's got some pretty great highs, and I always wondered.
  7. DANZIG!
  8. I would like to see something from Chester Bennington since G4-B4 is like his comfort zone in high notes, great video.
  9. Did you know Steelheart? I think he has a very incredible voice when he sung the song 'She's Gone'.
  10. ????
  12. does anybody know the name of the second song?
  13. When you're a collector of audience recordings, that concert sounds fantastic.
  14. he has a lot of good A4s and B4s in the Catalyst
  15. Ah, good call, the song's definitely called "Junkhead". My mistake... Thanks for the comment!
  16. There were better sustained notes even higher from Tom Jones, High B in the end of I Who Have Nothing, High D at the end of Ive Been Loving You Too Long.. And i think when younger he could have been trained as Dramatic Tenor as long as you look his stamina and control, and i think he sang more in higher pitch than Elvis did, i consider Elvis as a Lyric Baritone..
  17. Michael Jackson sounded like Tina Turner. I had to look back at the screen to see who that actually was.
  18. The highest note, i think is Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (after solo) (F5)
  19. Glad to see fellow fans! I've heard like G2-Eb5 so far... The G2 was kind of spoken, so his lowest sung note I've heard was a very strong Bb2. Jackie had an incredible technique, so he was definitely able to go higher (and maybe lower).
  20. It's written in the info box.................. "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" live by Jarle Bernhoft.
  21. what about mc cartney'oh darling' from BEATLES ABBEY ROAD? Robert Plant?
  22. layne staley :)
  23. G4-B4...
  24. Layne fucking Staley!!
  25. E2-D5, if I remember correctly... He gets the fabulous D on "45", whereas the E (which was rather short, iirc) can be found on "Don't Question My Heart".