How to get high without drugs

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A creepy way to "hallucinate"[EDIT] Alrighty, I know it feels NOTHING like being high, and I`m not changing the title, so PLEASE stop making every other comment say ``LOL It doesn`t really make you high guise!`` Because yes, beleive it or not, we are all quite aware of that.

  1. High! REALLY
  2. does this cause permanent eye damage?
  4. i tried this on drugs.
  5. That is soooo cool
  6. I totally did not get high.
  7. yea soo gud
  8. What will happen if i drive a car like this 
  9. fuck im high lol
  10. My eyes ugh I was just
  11. This probs is sooo bad for your eyes
  12. Lol, It actually worked. 
  13. That was good
  14. It worked 
  15. Maybe I will just get a little high
  16. Just done this on acid holy shit hahahahaha 
  17. This only lasted like 2 secconds O.o
  18. Dissapointed. . .
  19. The room was moving around
  20. So not hypnotized i never even touched a drug in my life. This vid wasted my time it so dumb im giving this vid a dislike and u all can deal with it. :-( :-( :-P
  21. Dont look at your hand
  22. It is just a effect 
  23. Because I got high ahhahahhahahahahha im a boss as bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch imma boss as bitch NIGGA!!!!
  24. Hahaha nice trick.