How to get high without drugs

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A creepy way to "hallucinate"[EDIT] Alrighty, I know it feels NOTHING like being high, and I`m not changing the title, so PLEASE stop making every other comment say ``LOL It doesn`t really make you high guise!`` Because yes, beleive it or not, we are all quite aware of that.

  1. How to get high without drugs Does it Work? i didn't watch it LOL! #BrainonDrugs 
  2. Omg it worked L0L XD
  3. My vision was swirly for like 1 hour
  4. WORK!! LOL
  5. i name is captain shittting pants
  6. if you really want to know how to really get high without doing drugs is to take deep breaths in and out like when a doctor tells you to do that with his thing(lol I forget what its called) but you want to take these breaths really fast. soon you should feel a numbness in your teeth and then your skull, and then you feel real lightheaded and your essentially high, just like taking marijuana, but the effects are short. Because all marijuana does is expand the arteries in your veins so more oxygen can come through, because oxygen makes you high.
  7. It's not being high but damn that illusion was awesome :D
  8. Just smoke weed
  9. It worked for like two seconds adter i looked around 
  10. This will only make you hallucinate if you've done hallucinogens before.
  11. what the fuckkk
  12. Lol it doesn't really make you high guys
  13. It did not work for me 
  14. whooooo
  15. Omg that is sick!!! 😂
  16. Lol 'he tells you to do that with his THING'
  17. Oh my fuck im high as im watching this...soo trippy 
  18. My screen is going up and down
  19. myname is not marlon
  20. Idk how losing your depth perception is being high but ok.........if that's what u ment to do worked.
  21. How ccooooooool😂🌿
  22. Hollllllyyy shit???!??!
  23. its good barely 😂😂😂😂
  25. Youre arent getting high from this if you wanna get high cheap inhale air duster then youre high