How to get high without drugs

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A creepy way to "hallucinate"[EDIT] Alrighty, I know it feels NOTHING like being high, and I`m not changing the title, so PLEASE stop making every other comment say ``LOL It doesn`t really make you high guise!`` Because yes, beleive it or not, we are all quite aware of that.

  1. yoooooo...that shit was craazzy!! lol
  2. This is just an effect that your eye makes, nothing to do with getting high.
  3. It works for a few seconds
  4. wow for a couple seconds
  5. And I think ur eyes adjust to the movement of the pinwheel so it makes the room or whatever ur looking at weird
  6. This was pretty cool but it aint nothing like getting high 
  7. Omg everything was blurry 
  8. Holy crap that was weird the door moved
  9. It works for a few hours for me
  10. Loved it... i wish i could make it last longer but fuck
  11. Nothing like a high lol
  12. Dont look at your hand
  13. Shop it that world
  14. I no it dosent get u high but fun when ur bored
  15. Thts cool
  16. Holy shit it worked! fuuck! it worked for like 1 sec when it said look around
  17. wooo wtf was that
  18. No
  19. This is nothing like getting high...a high is 2010384899 times better, trust me
  20. the first video that works! This actually scares me!
  21. This shit is so real my house turned into a dragon and killed itself
  22. This is nothing like being high just because your vision is blurry dosnt mean your high you can actually feel something if you get high
  23. CRAZY
  24. holy fucckk!! yhe words on the screen!!!!!! do wierd
  25. wtf I see bunnies and bunnies and.................