How to get high without drugs

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A creepy way to "hallucinate"[EDIT] Alrighty, I know it feels NOTHING like being high, and I`m not changing the title, so PLEASE stop making every other comment say ``LOL It doesn`t really make you high guise!`` Because yes, beleive it or not, we are all quite aware of that.

  1. This was pretty cool but it aint nothing like getting high 
  2. This is just an effect that your eye makes, nothing to do with getting high.
  3. dont look at your hand...just dont
  4. fuck i almost fell head first into my screen
  5. haha, if your watching this on your phone, look the video with your hand covering the sides of the phone while spinning around looking towards the ceiling. the sensation Is a LOT more lasting and intense when your done. :)
  7. Watch this when your high lol if a sick ass song comes on while you're listening to stoner music and watching the video at the same time, you'll get the slow motion shit aha I'm in the life portal flying like a fuckin mark ass mutha fucka. Ahaa I'm trippin on cherry blast. This shit is GOOD. THANKS P.
  8. holy f*ck
  9. looks like the designs you see on nice glass pipes. lol
  10. wow
  11. That was awesome every thing was moving and stuff oooooo I want to try it again XD
  12. wow for a couple seconds
  14. It works for a few seconds
  15. When you get high you feel relaxed & take some Xanex that hits you good ;p
  16. And I think ur eyes adjust to the movement of the pinwheel so it makes the room or whatever ur looking at weird
  17. yoooooo...that shit was craazzy!! lol
  18. *How To Get High Without Drugs* • Haha, this really works! ;)) Et voià, c'est-i pas beau ça ? En 1 minute vous allez pouvoir voir les murs et objets autour de vous se déformer ^.^
  19. Try this while high already it awesome
  20. Oh my god it worked for a minute that was actually kinda freaky!
  21. My hand is scary
  22. Thx now I can get high wenever I want
  23. This is nothing like getting high...a high is 2010384899 times better, trust me
  24. Dont look at your hand
  25. It worked lol don't know how I got here though.