How to solve fake serial key problem in IDM

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Please turn off your internet first when you are using this patch and don't forget to crack it later. This is the download link: A tutorial from PAKISTAN =)

  1. I cant get the patch,. because it requires me to download it,, i mean.. how?? I have fake serial number and it wont work, That is my problem, i cant download.. How can i get the patch without downloading,, ? HELP
  2. 100% working :)
  3. link fail
  4. @ENGRADNANRAJPUT u can use other sites to download too.. they will give .exe files !
  5. thanks sooooo much bro it really work !
  6. piz tell me where i get the sabs that soft ware
  8. thank you ahsan. you always solve my problems regarding IT :) furthermore it also works by simply copy and paste the key into your idm registration.
  9. Broken link] :(
  10. :/ Strange. So you should search for it's latest version on google. You'll find it. I'm hell busy otherwise i may have fixed. Sorry
  11. Great! Good work done by U. I am facing too much problems due to this, But now all are settled.
  13. doesn't work for me -- #1 - Kill Server Check shows "Patching Failed: Can't find the pattern, wait for next ReleaseVersion!" #2 - Registration: Clear previous registration data seems to work. Then after copying the serial number and pasted onto IDM, the program says it's fake serial, and may cause errors in the downloaded files. Then the program close itself. and shows up stating the fake serial info again. And doesn't work. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  14. Guys try this, go to google and search "JeibFiles" select the first website and choose IDM. there's a survey BTW but try to complete it, because I rather to complete a free survey than to buy this software. Hope this helps.
  15. but i can't even download the patch....
  16. dude frm wher i get tht patch
  17. LOLZ
  18. link please :(
  19. @GeySheL143 not at all... keep it going dude... 1 damn issue solved here....thankx
  20. Bro. It is working perfectly for me. I have checked again.. You should try to resolve it by yourself..
  21. It is working fine! i've checked again :/
  22. Hey how where can I Download your patch
  23. Link DEAD :(
  24. your pc is idiot then! many of my friends and i use this and there is no virus in it.
  25. pleasure bro.
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