Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim Jong-il - Epic Rap Battles of History 5

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Download on iTunes ► Click to Tweet This Vid-ee-oh! New ERB merch: Share on Facebook: Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage VS Kim Jong iL Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. Thanks to all the rap-battle fans who helped get this video on the front page of youtube, we pulled it off! We really, actually, honestly do get these battle ideas from your suggestions, so please keep them coming. | | | The beat was created by the very talented producers at: They have great music, check them out. ▼ CAST ▼ Timothy Delaghetto as Kim Jong-il Nice Peter as Hulk Hogan | Lloyd Ahlquist as Macho Man | ▼ CREW ▼ Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist created by Nice Peter and Lloyd Ahlquist written by Nice Peter, Lloyd Ahlquist, and Timothy DelaGhetto directed and edited by Dave McCary of Good Neighbor Beat Production by: Song Title: Born to be a Ball Playa available at director of photography: Jon Na director of epicness: Mike Schroeder assistant editor: Brandon Perna produced by: Nikki Fancy Maker Studios subscribe to for more epic raps and picture songs. see you soon :) -np

  2. Don't understand any of this lycris.
  4. 1: "Beijing is in China, you blonde asshole" - Best line in the video. 2. Noah Antwiler/"Spoony" does better pro-wrestler imitations than these guys.
  5. If Hulk Hogan had a second turn at the mike, he might of clinched it, but Macho Man couldn't stand up to the sick beats the Kim was laying down. All hail our new Korean overlords.
  6. who is kim jong-il-
  7. Oh yeah its about to real watch me walk out on the company cm punk foreal, I don't like to get buried by suits and Jack ass's so when they step up I walk out on their ass's best in the world there is no equal so spend less time crying and start rooting for Cena, Punks! I'll walk out on the entire nation, cause I wanna take extra looooong vacatiooon oh yeah!
  8. 0:36 Well... Shit...
  9. A Rice-A-Roni Jabroni, eh?
  10. can u make 1 with austin Vs. rock?
  11. If for some reason you ever want to do another pro-wrestler rap, collaborate with that "Spoony" guy and get him to do his Ultimate Warrior. That would kick the shit out the Hulk and Macho Man on this video.
  12. kim jong un definately won.
  13. 1. who is kim jong II? 2. kim jong II wins because the oponents had to use 2 people cause jong took 1 out.
  14. I'm a rapper trying to get noticed. Please give this song a listen; it was a challenge issued to me by a guy on Soundcloud. That's all I ask for is a listen.
  15. Id feel horrible to play adolf htler or kim jong il. Or anyone bad in general. Think about it. I was on a famous youtube video! Cool who did you play? Adolf hitler.
  16. R.I.P Macho Man Randy Savage :(
  17. Do Tom Brady vs. Derek Jeter 
  18. LOL Can u ppl at least find a real Korean to be Kim Jong? LOL
  19. King john hill won.
  20. Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim Jong-il - Epic Ra…:
  21. Fact of the day kim Jong il's dick was 3 feet 4 inches lol
  22. Snoop dog vs eminem with special help from dre
  23. Hulk won. And I don't even watch WWE!
  24. Macho man randy savage won 
  25. wow back when they had no money or people to guest star... that costume was whacked... loved the rhymes wish I could focus on them LoL
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