Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim Jong-il - Epic Rap Battles of History 5

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Download on iTunes ► Click to Tweet This Vid-ee-oh! New ERB merch: Share on Facebook: Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage VS Kim Jong iL Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. Thanks to all the rap-battle fans who helped get this video on the front page of youtube, we pulled it off! We really, actually, honestly do get these battle ideas from your suggestions, so please keep them coming. | | | The beat was created by the very talented producers at: They have great music, check them out. ▼ CAST ▼ Timothy Delaghetto as Kim Jong-il Nice Peter as Hulk Hogan | Lloyd Ahlquist as Macho Man | ▼ CREW ▼ Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist created by Nice Peter and Lloyd Ahlquist written by Nice Peter, Lloyd Ahlquist, and Timothy DelaGhetto directed and edited by Dave McCary of Good Neighbor Beat Production by: Song Title: Born to be a Ball Playa available at director of photography: Jon Na director of epicness: Mike Schroeder assistant editor: Brandon Perna produced by: Nikki Fancy Maker Studios subscribe to for more epic raps and picture songs. see you soon :) -np

  1. father... oh it has been to long..
  2. Yeesh, they were soooo bad when they first started out... But, I remember when I had first seen it, this was the legit-est thing ever XD oh nostalgia!
  4. Chuck Yeager vs Neil Armstrong!
  5. How long till Sony shows up and demands this be taken down?
  6. Im surprised NK Dident hack u guys (Sony)
  7. Im sad it wasnt the gangnam style guy against kim jong
  8. Ryu ( Street Fighter) vs ( Liu Kang) Mortal Kombat
  9. Kim jong il. Randy Savage's fallacy of feeding his people. 
  10. ....why you be hating on sonic. Also, I didn't get that joke....
  11. Like if you agree Kim Jong-il won, because he didn't need two people!
  12. Hulk Hogan's voice makes me think of BeetleJuice
  13. Vanilla Ice vs Eminem.
  14. .........Well................they've come a long way.
  15. press 5 and say that 5 times fast
  16. Seems appropriate to whip this one back out. 
  17. Don't understand any of this lycris.
  18. ultimate warrior and macho man vs godzilla
  19. Can someone please tell me the what the connection is here?
  20. Dat intrumental tho.
  21. what if ariana grande and mariah carey were to battle xD so many high notes
  22. Remember when the American people weren't afraid to poke fun at dictators like this. Those were fun times. 
  23. North Korea warns of Grave Consequences if this is not taken down immediately.
  24. Macho man and hulk hogan