Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim Jong-il - Epic Rap Battles of History 5

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Download on iTunes ► Hi! Hey! I'm writing these words on May 27, 2014! I don't know if you're just finding this video or watching it again, either way, hi and thank you. My name is Nice Peter, and I make songs and videos. I am going on a LIVE CONCERT TOUR in June and July of 2014, and I might be coming near you. I'm going to perform rap battles and songs, and you can meet me after the show if you want to. I'll be at: MAY 31, THE IRENIC - SAN DIEGO JUNE 1, THE TROUBADOUR - LA JUNE 3, HARLOW'S - SACRAMENTO JUNE 5, LOLA'S ROOM - PORTLAND JUNE 6, RICKSHAW - VANCOUVER JUNE 7, EL CORAZON - SEATTLE JUNE 10, ROXY THEATRE - DENVER JUNE 12, THE VANGUARD - TULSA JUNE 13, GRANADA - LAWRENCE, KS JUNE 15, VAUDEVILLE - DES MOINES JUNE 16, FINE LINE - MINNEAPOLIS JUNE 18. REGGIE'S - CHICAGO JUNE 19, BLIND PIG - ANN ARBOR JUNE 21, WAITING BOOM - BUFFALO JUNE 23, LEE'S PALACE - TORONTO JUNE 24, WEBSTER HALL - NEW YORK JUNE 25, JAMMIN' JAVA - VIENNA JUNE 27, CHOP SHOP - CHARLOTTE JUNE 28, THE MASQUERADE - ATLANTA JUNE 29, HIGH DIVE - GAINESVILLE JULY 3, DEAF INSTITUTE - MANCHESTER JULY 6, HARE & HOUNDS - BIRMINGHAM JULY 7, THINK TANK - NEWCASTLE JULY 8, BROADCAST - GLASGOW JULY 10, VOODOO LOUNGE - DUBLIN JULY 11, THE EXCHANGE - BRISTOL JULY 12, BUSH HALL - LONDON JULY 14, BATOFAR - PARIS JULY 16, KB18 - COPENHAGEN JULY 18, JOHN DEE - OSLO JULY 20, DEBASER - STOCKHOLM JULY 22, PRIVATCLUB - BERLIN JULY 23, DAS BETT - FRANKFURT JULY 25, DEN EGLANTIER - ANTWERP JULY 26, PARADISO - AMSTERDAM ------------------- Click to Tweet This Vid-ee-oh! ► ERB Returns on May 5th, 2014 at ◄ New ERB merch: Share on Facebook: Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage VS Kim Jong iL Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. Thanks to all the rap-battle fans who helped get this video on the front page of youtube, we pulled it off! We really, actually, honestly do get these battle ideas from your suggestions, so please keep them coming. | | | The beat was created by the very talented producers at: They have great music, check them out. ▼ CAST ▼ Timothy Delaghetto as Kim Jong-il Nice Peter as Hulk Hogan | Lloyd Ahlquist as Macho Man | ▼ CREW ▼ Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist created by Nice Peter and Lloyd Ahlquist written by Nice Peter, Lloyd Ahlquist, and Timothy DelaGhetto directed and edited by Dave McCary of Good Neighbor Beat Production by: Song Title: Born to be a Ball Playa available at director of photography: Jon Na director of epicness: Mike Schroeder assistant editor: Brandon Perna produced by: Nikki Fancy Maker Studios subscribe to for more epic raps and picture songs. see you soon :) -np

  1. kim jong un definately won.
  2. 1. who is kim jong II? 2. kim jong II wins because the oponents had to use 2 people cause jong took 1 out.
  3. 1: "Beijing is in China, you blonde asshole" - Best line in the video. 2. Noah Antwiler/"Spoony" does better pro-wrestler imitations than these guys.
  4. LOL Can u ppl at least find a real Korean to be Kim Jong? LOL
  5. can u make 1 with austin Vs. rock?
  7. North Korea is threatening the US and a whole bunch of other nations, yet we choose to laugh and make jokes about it
  8. This was truely the worst rap battle ever.
  9. Shadow vs vegeta
  10. I'm a rapper trying to get noticed. Please give this song a listen; it was a challenge issued to me by a guy on Soundcloud. That's all I ask for is a listen.
  11. is that timothy delaghetto, or Traphik
  12. Too bad they didn't get the real Macho Man, he did put out a whole rap album that included a dis on Hogan called 'Be a Man'.
  13. If you guys are interested in more video game inspired character material: try something from the Starcraft universe like human Sarah Kerrigan vs. Nova or Zeratul vs. James Raynor or Tassadar vs. The Queen of Blades (infested Sarah Kerrigan). There is literally half a dozen videos you guys could make over a period of time from that gaming series alone.
  14. Looks like North Korea lost again
  15. This sucked.
  16. Hulk Hogan wins because he's the only one of the three still alive. Also, pro wrestling is soap operas for men.
  18. Was that timothy delaghetto? 
  19. subscribe me please!!!
  20. beastie boys album reference license to ill
  21. Lmfao Kim Jong Il's first verse he went hard. Hulk Hogan was just horrible.... And then theres Macho Man who didn't do shit. This one is a no brainer Kim Jong Il
  22. "you're a freak, a phony, a rice-a-roni jabroni" - Hulk Hogan won
  23. KIM JONG-IL WON!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Im not sure what ruined if for others, but the tune (the beat) ruined it for me. I think it needed to be more up-beat and quicker.
  25. Macho man puttin' it down!!!! Stomping midget asses!!! LMAO!!!!!
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